What I’m Making: Chocolate Whoopi Pies

I’ve mentioned before that my family likes Whoopi Pies. Kalissa and I frequently drive to the Amish community south of our house and hit up the bakery to get some. For those of you who haven’t heard of Whoopi Pies, they are a cake-like dessert that is two cake-like cookies with a filling in between them. I have made Banana Whoopi Pies (recipe HERE) and Pumpkin Whoopi Pies (recipe HERE).

I’ve tried chocolate whoopi pies but they didn’t taste like the ones we get from the Amish. The cake-like cookies have always been too dry. I’ve been on the hunt for the illusive recipe like the ones we get from Amish country.

Now a little side note:
A couple of weeks ago my daughter Kalissa was taking her son Gannon to an appointment in Iowa City. He has ongoing medical issues and makes regular trips. They drive near Amish country when they travel to the doctor.

Gannon asked Kalissa if they could stop and get a “brown-white-brown”. Kalissa had no idea what Gannon was talking about. What is a “brown-white-brown”? She couldn’t figure out what he was talking about.

After some questioning, she figured out that he meant a chocolate whoopi pie. HA!!

Back to the recipe…Some time ago I blog reader from the Amish area south of me sent me a newspaper clipping of a recipe for chocolate whoopi pies. The recipe has been here and I had every intention of trying them but always have been sidetracked by something else.

The other day Gannon was at my house. He had thrown up and couldn’t go to school. The morning had waned away he seemed totally fine. He wasn’t sick and was acting like his normal self. I decided that we should try that whoopi pie recipe.

I decided to half the recipe. Looking at the ingredients, any recipe with five cups of flour makes a big batch.

Gannon and I…

started out making the batter.

While I started making the “cookies”, Gannon took care of the beater.

I used a large scoop to put these on the pan. These are large so they needed extra cooking time..closer to 12 minutes.

While they cooled, I made the filling exactly as the recipe called for. Then I put the filling between two cookies. And just like that, Gannon and I had “brown-white-browns”…or rather Chocolate Whoopi Pies.

These work best if they are wrapped in plastic wrap. They stay moist that way.

So what’s the verdict…are they like the ones we love? YES!! I don’t have to keep looking for the “right” recipe anymore. These were perfect. MANY thanks from Kalissa and I…and Gannon, for the recipe. We were all really happy with the results.

11 thoughts on “What I’m Making: Chocolate Whoopi Pies”

  1. Sounds good and glad you found the perfect recipe! I, too, wonder about sour milk. This is when I need my mother!!

    1. Oddly, I had some sour milk in my refrigerator and used it. Just add vinegar to your milk and it will work.

  2. Do you have to cook the icing (or part of the ingredients) since it has flour in it? When I make my red velvet cake icing, I have to cook the milk and flour. Thx!

    1. Cynthia from SW Minnesota!

      I would say ‘sour milk’ would be achieved by adding either cider vinegar or lemon juice to your measured milk and wait a short time for it to curdle, then add to the rest of the ingredients!

  3. Thank you for sharing this recipe, Jo! I think this will be a fun addition for my dessert menu when I feed the cowboy crew. My official taste testers will be here soon so I think a batch of whoopie Pies are in order.

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