What I’m Making: Black-Eyed Pea/Celery Salad

A long time ago when our kids were all little and I likely still had one in diapers, I did a big splurge for me at the time. I was in the grocery store and they were selling church cookbooks from a local church. I bought one. This one…

The cookbook is likely one of my all-time favorites and I have made many recipes from the book. You can tell by the duct tape that it’s well-loved. HA!

Our church was having a fundraiser meal and I asked what they needed for help and they said to bring two salads. UGH. I am not a salad girl at all. I don’t have a ton of salads in my arsenal of recipes. My husband wasn’t a salad eater so I didn’t make lots and the ones I have are dessert-type salads and are expensive to make and are ones I don’t have all the ingredients on hand here. We live 30 minutes from a grocery store so picking one of those meant going to town as well.

In the end, I made deviled eggs and pea salad. It was all good. I’ll share the pea salad recipe with you in a later post. But while I was paging through my cookbooks to figure out what to make, I ran across this page in my cookbook, and boy did it flashback a memory.

We were going to our friend’s house for supper. I was again, “supposed to bring a salad”. I only had a short notice…like two hours. So there was no time to go to town and I didn’t have spare ingredients in the cabinet. I decided I would open the cookbook and the second I found a recipe that was what I was making. I didn’t have time to page through the book.

So… I opened it up and the first recipe was Black-Eyed Pea/Celery Salad. What?? I don’t know. Maybe I should bread my rule and keep looking but I didn’t. Check out the note on the side of the recipe. “Ugly but Tasty”. HA!

That note was COMPLETELY accurate. It is ugly but it is tasty. It’s the recipe I made…and to this day, I still love the salad. I don’t make it very often though. I really should make it now that I’m single. It doesn’t make a huge batch.

It only takes about five minutes to mix up. The time is chopping up the ingredients.

I didn’t make this for the fundraiser but I did make it for me. Which reminds me. I want to get more black-eyed peas. For me, this an

easy supper on days I don’t feel like doing much. It would also be great to take to work for days I want to eat light.

I’m so happy I was reminded of this Ugly but Tasty salad.

Are any of you going to give it a try? I’d love to hear what you think.

14 thoughts on “What I’m Making: Black-Eyed Pea/Celery Salad”

  1. Looks good! Reminds me of the redneck caviar I make regularly. Makes a great quick lunch. Last a long time in the refrigerator.

  2. Your post brings back 2 memories: The ‘church ladies’ cook book from St. John’s Luthern church in Minden, IL, a little town just ‘over the river’ from St Louis. Has some GREAT recipies, including some from the old country (Germany). The second memory is the three bean salad my aunt used to make. And the irony – we’re visiting friends in Las Cruces, NM and one of tonight’s BBQ side dishes — 3-bean salad! Don’t have it often, but sure brings back memories.

  3. Stephani in N. TX

    I had a fun time shopping this afternoon at The Stitchery Nook. They have already confirmed my order so I can sit back and wait for new patterns to show up. Thanks for sharing their information. I had one or two shops to contact before but I liked that the “Nook” had the new releases altogether and I could just add them to my list. Full stitching ahead, Jo.

  4. Yes, this sounds good to me, I’ll make it after I get the black eyed peas. I love celery, tomatoes and onions in salads. This is basically what I make in regular kidney bean salad, macaroni salad etc. I add more ingredients but still the basics work for me. I guess the black eyed peas will be different but I’ll try it.

  5. Sue Smith (In OR)

    Hi Jo…I just love your blog. I have been a regular on Marys’s blog for a long time and she led me to yours. Now I have two favorite blogs. I also love your videos. You really inspired me to cut scraps into strips and now I want to watch the one about squares. I am drowning in scraps, so this inspiration comes at a much needed time. When you refer to your “buckets”, what are your favorite sizes and shapes to store your strips and squares? I am trying to cut some each day. I think I will use them even more now and it won’t be so hard to find them. I like the idea of buying less and using more of what I already own.

  6. I live in the UK and I’m not sure I can get black eyed peas in the supermarket, but I’ll look next week. I have taken a screen shot of the recipe, I hope that’s OK. It looks very simple to make, just what I like.

  7. I have had this and it is good! I don’t think it is ugly either. If I had a fresh tomato that was ripe in my arsenal right now, I would make it. I have cans of tomatoes though. LOL! I can’t stand green-housed tomatoes and that is all that is available right now in our stores here in Georgia.

  8. Nope, I’m not making this. I don’t like Lima beans, black eyed peas, or garbanzo beans (except as hummas). It’s a hard pass for me.

  9. I just made it, and it’s good! I didn’t have a tomato, but a I had a carton of cherry tomatoes that I sliced up. I also added salt and pepper. Mine didn’t have enough mayo so I added an extra teaspoon. I think this would be a great lunch with a slice of homemade bread or some cornbread. I will definitely make it again, and it wasn’t ugly at all!

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