What I’m Making: Applesauce Cake

I wrote a blog post and mentioned how happy everyone was as I made our typical cake with peanut butter frosting.  That prompted blog reader, Cindy, to send me a recipe for Applesauce Cake.  She said her mother often made and put peanut butter frosting over the top.  Um…YUM.  That sounds awesome.

I had applesauce in the freezer.  I had frozen a bunch last fall when my friend Carla gave me apples.  This was a perfect way to use some up…

The recipe calls for raisins and mine were getting a little dry so it was perfect to use them up in this cake.

I got the cake in the oven and debated on baking time.  I put mine in a bundt cake pan as our family loves bundt cake and I love seeing a cake in the cake server.

I decided to honor Cindy’s grandma and make a peanut butter frosting.  I don’t have a real recipe.  I put in some butter, peanut butter, and some cream cheese.  I soften that and then add a little milk or cream…then some powdered sugar until it’s a good consistency…pour it on the cake.

Here it is all finished.  It’s really good.

I left the cake in the oven just a smidge too long.  Next time I’m setting the timer for 45 minutes and then will check on it until it’s done.  55 minutes was too long.

When I initially opened the note from Cindy I couldn’t help but think the picture looked familiar.  I took a wild guess and grabbed this cookbook of mine. It was a bridal shower gift from my cousin Charlott.

I paged through and yep.  There is the same recipe.

Isn’t it crazy that I’ve had the recipe at my fingertips for 37 years and never tried the recipe?  Yet I could still recognize the picture from the book.  Crazy.

I’ll be making this again.  It’s yummy and I have more applesauce!!  Thanks for sending the recipe Cindy.

11 thoughts on “What I’m Making: Applesauce Cake”

  1. Cheryl Randleman

    Oh my! I make that same pineapple upside-down cake recipe every couple of months – it’s my favorite cake to make. I’ve made the applesauce cake a few times also over the years. Not too sure about peanut butter frosting – but maybe could try a small portion of the cake with that.

  2. Yum! I used to make cakes from the Betty Crocker cookbook and top it with their Broiled Frosting. Quick and easy! My husband’s favorite is the Pineapple Upside Down Cake from that cookbook.

      1. Anne, after reading the instructions again, I noticed the recipe I posted said to reserve and use the pineapple juice. If you do that, don’t add the milk I have listed.

  3. Karen Fitzgerald

    I had never thought about a peanut butter frosting but you’ve given me a great idea. My daughter’s favorite candy is peanut butter cups so I’ll make her a chocolate cake and frost it with your pb frosting. Thanks!!

  4. That sounds very good. I need to check for applesauce in freezer so I can make this or just make some. I’m questioning the pb frosting though.

  5. Small world. I just made applesauce cake last week. It’s so moist that I serve it without frosting. My recipe is from Better Homes and Gardens, but is nearly identical.:)

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