What I’m Eating: Smores Bars

Anyone who works knows that staying on track and eating right is hard. It’s especially hard if you work in a place where people bring in food.

My job…especially hard. First off, lots of women work there…second off…they are all good cooks…third they like to try new recipes and fourth…they don’t want the goodies to stay at their own homes and they eat them all. So, they share. They share a lot.

This bar recipe came from Nichole…They are so good. Smores Bars.

The bottom is made with Golden Grahams cereal then there are marshmallows and chocolate pieces on the top. They truly taste like smores.

I asked for the recipe and Nichole shared. (THANKS Nichole!!) I thought I would share it with all of you.

You can’t read that so I’ll type it out…

7 cups of Golden Graham cereal
16 oz of small marshmallows
One stick of butter
2-3 Hershey bars

Melt the butter and 6 cups of marshmallows together in a saucepan, stirring constantly. When melted add the cereal and mix until all coated. When it’s mixed, add a handful of mini marshmallows and stir together. Spray a 9 x 13 baking pan and spread evenly. Add some more marshmallows on top and cut your chocolate bars into small pieces to add on top.

How is that for easy…

I was a little naughty. I had a small piece at breakfast and had another piece later in the afternoon. YUM.

I added the recipe now so might be able to get the ingredients and make it for your 4th of July get-togethers. I just know you’ll go home with an empty pan.

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