What I’m Doing….

Hey, Hey, Hey…it’s COLONOSCOPY DAY!!

As you are sitting and taking a break from life reading the blog to hear what’s new at the Kramer house, I’m just getting back home from the hospital from my second colonoscopy.  I had one five years ago and “lucky me” I was on the every five-year path.  So here we are five years later and once again, I drank the drink.  UGH.

The first time around, I did the “Go Lightly” brand.  I am not a big drinker so drinking all that fluid was hard for me.  I tried to drink without mixing it with a Gatorade or that type of drink but that wasn’t the best for me.  When I got up in the middle of the night to drink the last dose, I ended up vomiting much of it up.  I was so worried they wouldn’t do the test when I got to the hospital but happily, they did.

This time around when they asked if I wanted to the “Go Lightly” or the “Suprep” brand, I picked the Suprep.


I would drink less crappy tasting liquid with this and part of the liquid I did have to drink would be straight-up water.  That sounded so much better.   I was warned that my insurance might not cover the whole expense of Suprep but I decided I didn’t care.  If at least part of what I drank wasn’t horrible tasting, that was worth it…and if there was a chance I wasn’t going to throw up, that was would be totally worth it.

If you haven’t had a colonoscopy before, I don’t want to say anything that would make you hesitant to have one.  Is it fun?  No.  Is it terrible?  No…it’s not terrible and in light of cancer it can prevent, TOTALLY WORTH IT!

Colon cancer is a cancer that is one of the easiest to treat and take care of.  All you do is drink the drink, sit on the toilet a lot, and go to the hospital for the procedure.

With Kramer and lung cancer, we were back and forth to the hospital so many times.  There were chemo and radiation.  He was so sick and miserable.  Caught early, colon cancer doesn’t require any of that….so drink up and get a colonoscopy if you haven’t or if you’re due to have another one.  A colonoscopy is truly the lesser of the evils.

I technically wasn’t needing one until January.  I called in hoping to get appointments for December as I’ve met my deductible.  The nurse said to do it now and schedule things now as no one knows what is going to happen with COVID and if nonessential procedures will be delayed again.  So I did…and here I am.

So how did it all go??  Of all the things I could do on “prep day” when all I could consume was liquid?  I baked.

My kids thought I was crazy and asked why I could do that.  That answer was easy…I’d have something good to eat when I get home tomorrow and can eat.  Besides, I thought I’d make a pie for a thank you for Kelli for taking me…and a thank-you pie for the guy putting my new vanity in the bathroom…plus a GO CRAIG pie as he’s in the combine harvesting.  One pie, that will be for me and Karl.  There’s always a good reason to make pie!!

So how did the prep go…
not bad.  Way better than the “Go Lightly”.  I highly recommend the Suprep over that!  I didn’t throw up.

And how were my test results?
Meh.  3 polyps.  They are going to pathology.  I also had a little issue so they had to “put a clip” in to stop the bleeding.  I was assured that’s common so I’m not worried, but if I have to get an MRI in the next few months, I need to tell them.

So what did I hurry home to eat?  The pie…

But sadly…I’m so embarrassed to say this, I FORGOT THE SUGAR!!!  Ick.  Blah.  So I had to call everyone I gave a pie to apologize.  I guess I’ll be making pie again soon…I have to make it up to all the people I spoofed with my terrible sugarless pie.  HOW EMBARRASSING!!

…and that my friends is the colonoscopy story.  In all seriousness, please get one done if it’s time.  Your friends and family will thank you.

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  1. Glad you got that out of the way!!! Yes I had one two years ago and don’t have to have one for ten years so I guess eight now! Drinking all that stuff is the worst part!

  2. I suspect that a large mound of Ice Cream, maybe one containing caramel, would “fix” that pie.
    I’m willing to play taste tester!

  3. I agree, Suprep is easy to drink and the colonoscopy is fast and painless.

    I’ve done the “forgot an ingredient” trick before. I put all the ingredients on the counter and check against recipe before I start. Then the used item is moved to another counter when added in.

  4. Every time I have a colonoscopy, my clinic changes the prep. The last one was awful. It was with Gatorade. I had a very hard time with it, along with OTC tablets. II agree we need to do it but never again will I do this prep. Hope you get good news. I am thinking I am on a three year recall.

  5. I just did the test with the same prep two weeks ago. I got up at 3am and started the second part, drank almost everything and promptly threw it up. The doctor said everything was great and then…the pathology report came back that said I had some colitis. Started on some steroids and after one week, had to stop them due to side effects. But no cancer! My tummy didn’t feel well afterward, but I did eat a good lunch. The test is really very easy. Glad to hear you are OK too.

  6. Thanks for the reminder about the importance of this simple test. Yes, the prep is a pain in the neck, whatever kind you have to use but compared to colon cancer one days discomfort is nothing !

    I got a big chuckle out of your story about the pies! I can understand how that could happen when you’re preoccupied with your prep. I’m sure everyone will get a chuckle out of that one!

  7. Several years ago, I totally forgot to put the sugar in several pumpkin pies I donated to a luncheon. How embarrassing that was!

  8. FYI for anyone who’s putting off having a colonoscopy. I had virtually no symptoms but I was terribly weak and blamed it on aging. By the time I was diagnosed with colon cancer it was quite advanced. The MRI didn’t reveal all of the tumor and If the doctor had known just how big it was, he would not have performed the surgery. The six plus hour surgery where he removed 17 feet of my colon and went through my entire body searching for any other signs. This was followed up with six months of chemo. I am blessed beyond measure that my very skilled surgeon got it all.

    I’m giving these details to make it clear that you Don’t Always Know until it can be too late. Sometimes all those warning signs just don’t show up and that colonoscopy is your best friend. If you have any family history of colon issues, start having a colonoscopy every year by the time you’re 40 if not sooner. It can be genetic and is in my family. I’m due for another one and I still drag my heels but I know the potential for not having them.

  9. I’m on the five year plan because of family history. I’m going to check with my doctor and my daughter about Supprep. My daughter is the Director of Development for the Colorectal Cancer Alliance. Colon cancer is becoming scarily common in people under 50. The prep isn’t pleasant, but no one should delay screening. I left the sugar out of a batch of cornbread I made recently. We just buttered it and sprinkled sugar on top.

  10. My last colonoscopy was 2 years ago. I had to drink Gatorade with Miralax. Easiest prep ever! Was previously on the 5 yr. plan and was kicked up to 10.
    Thanks for all you do Jo -from a former Iowa gal

  11. I’ve never had one. Don’t know if I have the courage to go thru all that you have – a little whip cream on the pies – maybe that would have added sweetness but it’s the thought that counts more than anything.

  12. As previously mentioned the Go-“lightly” is terrible tasting stuff!! But worth it for piece of mind. I lost my mother to Colon Cancer when she was 43. I can not put into words how much I miss her even now 33yrs later. I had polyps by age 30 that my doctor said he would have expected to see in a 50yr old woman. So for yourself and for your family, get tested and retested as instructed by your doctor.

  13. Colon cancer is one of the completely, and easily prevented cancers. All primary colon cancers start with polyps. Get the polyps before they turn cancerous and wha-la! You have prevented cancer.

    Like I told my younger sisters, you’ve had a child without pain control assistance. You can do anything! Leave a good book in the bathroom, at least you’ll have good company! And if it’s the procedure that worries you more, spring form sedation. You’ll be relaxed and won’t remember a thing! Been there, done that and will be doing it again next month.

  14. My mom made a pumpkin pie once and had forgot the sugar. It was awful. She added some sugar after the fact, stirred it up in the crust and we were able to eat it!

    I’ve done Su-prep twice now and I don’t mind it. I did throw up a little one time, but all was well. My insurance pays 100% of the cost of it! My husband went to a different gastroenterologist and he had to do a different kind of prep. It was all over the counter things and we had to pay for all of it.

  15. I agree with you, Jo, that Suprep is not so bad. It’s so important to get a colonoscopy. My sister didn’t do go and she is no longer with us after 4 years of cancer, surgery, chemo, radiation and struggle.
    The prep is not fun but the colonoscopy itself is quick and painless. Get it done!

  16. I feel your pain about the sugar, picture a baker yanking pies just in the oven out and peeling off pastry tops to add the forgotten ingredient.

    I’m in Canada and on a 5 year track too because of family history. Had my last colonoscopy 2 years ago. My prep was a powdered product called Picosalax. Mixed with water it tasted like an orange drink. Stayed off solid food over a 24 hour period and drank this product twice. Could have clear fluids (broth, apple juice, etc.). Last exam they cold snared a polyp. Thank you medical science and this free procedure here. It saved the life of my Uncle in his 70’s. It wasn’t a common diagnostic test years ago and my dad passed away from colon cancer at a younger age. It’s not an enjoyable test, but it’s better than developing colon cancer! Please get one! So wishing your getting screened down there or the timing wasn’t tied to an insurance company.

  17. I guess the good thing about colonoscopy prep is at least you know why you are on the toilet so much, not wondering what you ate or contagion you’ve gotten.

    Bummer on the pies. I wonder if poking holes in the pie and pouring a strong simple syrup over top would work? Sort of like the cake with jello poured over. It might make the crust soggy though, so maybe not.

  18. My husband and I both had 5 yr colonoscopys this summer. I had one polyp and was sent away for 5 years. He had 6 polyps and one of them was cancer. Three weeks ago he had 12 inches of colon removed. It was contained and had not spread. So get one. They are not that bad and its only one horrible day of prep. The part I like the best is when they tell you to turn over on your side and the next thing you know, you are waking up. don’t wait!

  19. I have had two colonoscopies and I tell people that the worst part of it is the prep before. I have had the Suprep both times and you are right its not that bad to drink. The colonscopy itself is painless and you are pretty much asleep or in the twilight zone through all of it. I hope everything comes back negative for you.

  20. I thank you for the reminder to get your test done. Its the prep that is the worst part and I’m always relieved when they tell me come back in 10 years. Whoops! on those pies, what a bummer, maybe something sweet on top would help out. With fall in the air I always enjoy making apple crisp for us and few neighbors.

  21. One thing that helps during the prep is to use a little dab of A & D Ointment, or other diaper rash ointment. Soothing! Hope the pathology report is negative.

  22. I had colon cancer 6 years ago. My last colonoscopy was at the end of May. I used the Gatorade prep but since I hate Gatorade, I used coconut water, instead. Not only did it taste way better, coconut water has more potassium and less sugar, plus vitamin C and calcium. Gatorade has added sugar and other additives. So I will be using the same prep again in December. When my screening turned up positive, I was what my surgeon said the least likely to have colon cancer; white female, mid 50s, non-smoker, slim with no other conditions. If it can happen to me, it can happen to anyone. Get tested AT 50 or whenever your doctor tells you to. If you have a family history, you should start getting tested at age 40.

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