What I’m Cooking: Ground Beef Grand-Style

We don’t eat fancy here at all.  Simple, tasty, food is my goal.   This is complete that…simple and tasty.  Not real good looking but definitely tasty and best yet, EASY!  Here I paired it with asparagus.

This is a meaty almost thick gravy type bottom with a biscuit over the top.


One of the reasons I love this recipe is that I can make the bottom part over the weekend or the night before then put it in the refrigerator.  On the night I want to serve it, I add the biscuits to the top and toss it in the oven.

Here’s the recipe:


This is from one of my Amish cookbooks.  I’ve doctored the recipe up just a bit by adding a can of corn.

I make homemade biscuits for the top but a batch of biscuits for the refrigerator section works great for this too.  Being “town” and a grocery store is a half hour away, I’ve learned to improvise on a lot of recipes..like this one, by making the biscuits from scratch.

I know…again not too pretty but here’s how it looked right before I popped it into the oven.


I make another dish similar to this….It has a Mexican taste to it.  I’ll have to make that and share that recipe too.

I’ve had rave reviews for this from both Hubby and Craig (Kalissa’s husband)….

By the way, I grew up in Minnesota.  Dishes like this are called “hotdishes”….others call them “casseroles”.  Can anyone explain to me if there’s a difference between a hotdish and a casserole?


8 thoughts on “What I’m Cooking: Ground Beef Grand-Style”

  1. Most of the world says casserole or mixed dish. In the Midwest, especially Minnesota, it is a hotdish. I am not sure of the origin of the hotdish name though.

  2. I too am from Minnesota and have always eaten hot dish. This one looks delicious. I love it when you post recipes everything sounds so good and easy. Ever thought of a cookbook? Can you give links to the Amish or other cookbooks you use?

  3. I grew up in east central Illinois with casseroles but in the mid-70’s I lived in Sioux Falls, SD at Augustana College and enjoyed hotdishes in the cafeteria. I think they are the same thing, just where they are served is the difference. I also always ate breakfast, dinner and supper until I moved to the big city, then I had breakfast, lunch and dinner. Same difference! It is interesting what different regions call everyday stuff. Your hotdish sounds yummy!

  4. Absolutely love the pan this is baked in, Jo! Looks like the cake pan I have had for 40 years. My son calls it the pan that has made 969 hotdishes, lol. that number is a family joke – too long to explain here. I would be so bummed if that pan of mine got lost, its a family heirloom.

  5. Thanks to Marsha B. for the memories today….I grew up by Sioux Falls–just over the border in MN…..We always ate Breakfast, Dinner and Supper…..When I meet my husband he didn’t understand that. being from Mpls where you ate lunch …Until he meet my Mother and ate her fab meals…..It was Dinner for sure….When I go to Wisconsin, I eat casserole— it is the same as our hotdishes…

  6. I grew up in ND and we ate hotdishes. I love the story my mom tells of their new pastor’s wife. They were having a potluck after church. She was told that people would bring a hotdish to share. She then wondered if someone would bring a cold dish. :) And after moving to WA state we had a couple of funny mishaps when we were first asked over for dinner! “Come over around 1;00 and then we will have dinner together.” We show up hungry at 1;00 and have to wait until 5:00 or so to eat.

  7. Here in Ohio dinner and supper are the same thing, lunch is mid-day. I may try this recipe. I have a few similar and I call them homemade hamburger helper. :)

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