What I’m Baking: Sour Cream Raisin Bars

I’ll admit.  I bought a cook book at the thrift store again.  I had kind of tried discouraging myself for buying anymore but I see them and can’t resist.  In my defense, they are only $2-$3 each.  That’s WAY less than the cost of a magazine….and I gave up and RARELY buy a magazine anymore.  I used to buy them all the time.  Now I buy one about once a year.  I’ve learned to carry an old magazine or quilt book in my busy bag and look at it when I’m wanting a magazine fix in the waiting room.

Anyway…this is the one I caved and bought.


Here’s who put it together….Cook-book-2

This is the first recipe I made from the book…. Sour Cream Raisin Bars….

Hubby isn’t a raisin fan.  Kalissa isn’t a raisin fan.  BOTH of them loved the bars so don’t let a raisin hater discourage you from trying them.  If you like sour cream raisin pie, you’ll like these too.


I opted with the variation at the bottom of the recipe.  These were REALLY good and I am sure I will make them again.

Another thing to note.  They are better the next day and best if kept in the refrigerator.  YUM!!!  With all the recipes I try can you tell that baking is definitely a hobby for me.  I’m so lucky I have so many taste tester around!!

4 thoughts on “What I’m Baking: Sour Cream Raisin Bars”

  1. Very similar to the sour cream raisin pie my MIL used to make except she added cinnamon. Can’t wait to try this recipe! Thank you for sharing.

  2. I remember that cookbook! I used to work at Opportunity Homes, I might even have a recipe in there. We did it as a fund raiser for the group homes.

  3. Just want to add suggestion to recipe directions: cream together brown sugar and butter. Mix together in separate bowl the oatmeal, flour and soda. Add oatmeal mixture to butter/brown sugar and mix until crumbly.

    I have been cooking/baking for years and years. For some reason, when I tried this recipe, I took it literally and tried to cream together the butter, brown sugar, oatmeal, flour, and soda. The recipe would have been easier to complete if this part of the recipe had indeed been “crumbly”!

    Thank you for sharing it, Jo! We love it! I would like to try it using dates!

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