What I’m Baking: Cornbread

I love cornbread….Hubby really doesn’t though.  I have gotten him to eat the cornbread muffins at Famous Daves and he does admit to really liking them.  I like cornbread in any fashion…if it’s dry I like it with honey and butter if it’s not, I like it plain.  I’ve tested recipes on and off over the years and hadn’t, to date, found one that Hubby would eat without a little coaxing.

When the girls were home last I mixed up a pot of chili.  When they were growing up I often served chili with rice.  Yep, weird I know but we would put rice in a bowl and then ladle the chili over the top.  I make a hearty chili, not a liquid like soup chili so this always worked great and it was a really good way to stretch the food budget when I was cooking for seven each night.  The kids have gone on to eat it like that in their own homes….me, I don’t mind it that way but I really like chili over cornbread best.  So the next day when we had leftover chili, I decided that once again, I was going to try to find a cornbread recipe that Hubby might like….and I did.

It’s actually kind of funny as it’s the first recipe that came up when I searched cornbread.  It comes from Betty Crocker’s website.  You can find it here.

Here’s how it looked right before I put it in the oven.


The recipe is so simple and easy with no fancy ingredients.

Here’s how it looked fresh out of the oven when I cut into it all warm and wonderful……


and here’s how I ate it with my chili.cornbread-3


I got Hubby to try it.  He liked it and ate it.  There is a sugar in it but I think little by little as he likes it, I’ll cut a little of the sugar taking it from 1/2 cup to 1/4 cup.  Once he has it in his head that he likes it, I don’t think he’ll notice the change.  He’s easy like that…and me, I’m tricky like that.

If you missed the recipe link above, here it is again.

If you’re looking for a cornbread recipe, this one is worth a try for sure!!  Kayla said that Spence and her like when she makes Huevos Rancheros and have them over cornbread.  Find that recipe here.  Now that I found a cornbread recipe Hubby will eat, I making that next!

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  1. We have the same problem at our house except that my hubby won’t even try different recipes. I actually use the same recipe that you use. It’s the best one I’ve ever tried. Now you’ve made me hungry for it . Lol I guess I’ll have to make some

  2. Instead of cutting back on the sugar, try using truvia or stevia. They are natural sweetners and I use them in baking ALL the time. I’ve even started using them in my canning recipies. Truvia is half sugar and half stevia. It works great in baking and half the calories.

  3. I grew up an Army brat, with frequent moves and small pay. My Mom made chili and we had it over rice to stretch it. You are the first person I have ever run across that did it too. My daughter-in-law puts her chili over her cornbread, and I now like mine that way. I am from New York, and I make the cornbread with sugar, but we call it Johnny cake. Not sure why, that’s all I’ve ever known it by in all my 60+ years. I like mine with just that touch of sweet-real cornbread is always bitter to me without it. It’s so funny to discuss something like this so many states away!

  4. I always serve chili on top of rice … can’t imagine it without. But my favorite is a big plate of nachos (just the tortillas with cheese) on the side to scoop up the chili. I love it soooo much, but I can’t afford all those extra calories every time I eat chili! Yum … gotta put chili on my ‘must make soon’ list!

  5. My favorite meal from high school (when the cooks used to make everything from scratch) was chili and cinnamon rolls. We like chili with cheddar cheese, fritos and sour cream. Soup weather is right around the corner!

  6. I like my chili over macaroni. I put cooked macaroni in a bowl first and ladle the chili on top with cheese and sour cream to top it off. I like the extra heartiness of the added macaroni. I like cornbread with my chili/mac, too. It just goes together so well. I will have to try this recipe, usually I just use the Jiffy cornbread mix to make it faster. I love sweet cornbread.

  7. I like chilli served over rice. One thing I’ve learned about some thing called Cincinnati Chilli which is served over spaghetti. Now that has taken some getting used to! It is served with chopped onions and grated cheese. It’s different but really good.

  8. I must admit that I have never cared for cornbread but our son make it for us in his cast iron skillet and we loved it. I will have to try it with chili on top when we get together next.

  9. I love a sweet cornbread! More like a dessert bread than just cornbread and lots of butter! I really like Wendy’s chili and have found a good clone recipe. It’s just me so one pot lasts a long time!

  10. I’ve only had chili over rice when I visited Hawaii and thought it was a regional dish. Guess not. When I make chili I serve home made biscuits with butter and honey or jams. I also like “Haystacks,” chili over a handful of taco chips in a bowl topped with lettuce, cheese, olives, and sour cream. Yummy!

  11. We are fans of cornbread but hubby LOVES it spicy/hot. Once I decided to dump in a can of Rotel instead of buttermilk or milk to see what happened. It was a bit orange but he loved it so that it became what he asked for when chili was made. So now sigh if it’s company coming I have to make regular cornbread and then Rotel cornbread. Most who taste it switch to it but I make the other for ones scared to try.

  12. As a kid, I remember having Fritos with chili on top and sweet relish as a topping! But now, Chili is served at my house with sour cream and shredded cheddar cheese and corn bread on the side. I have always put sugar in my cornbread!

  13. When I was a kid, our schools served chili with carrot & celery sticks and peanut butter sandwiches on Wednesdays. I still need a peanut butter sandwich with my chili. My in laws find this extremely strange! Haha… I don’t care.

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