What I’m Baking: Banana Cookies with Caramel Frosting

Kramer used to get a newspaper called “The Iowa Farmer Today” in the mail.  I loved it as it always has a one page spread that features recipes.  Often the recipes are made with common ingredients and they are family recipes or well loved recipes.  I’ve gotten many of our families staple recipes from there.  Remember last week and the sugar cookies.  That recipe came from the newspaper and today’s comes from there as well.

This recipe is for Banana Cookies with Caramel Frosting.  From the moment I read the recipe I was intrigued.  I love all things banana.  I love all thing caramel….so it was a given I would give these cookies a try and best yet, they use common ingredients.

Here’s the recipe:

There’s plenty of sugar in the cookies to make them not healthy but I felt a little better knowing there were bananas and oatmeal in them.  Hopefully that will balance out the sugar.  HA!

Anyway…I mixed them up.  It’s not a super thick dough as you can see….not a batter but not super thick.

I always use an ice cream style scoop for putting cookies on the pan.

I put mine in for 12 minutes and they came out looking like this.

They don’t really get dark like some cookies.

I mixed up the frosting while the cookies were baking.  Once the cookies were cooled I frosted them…and of course tried them.  See the missing spot where a cookie was??  That wasn’t a mouse.  It was me.
My verdict is that I like them.  They taste a lot like a muffin with amazing frosting on them.  The cookie texture is very like a muffin.

I’ll be making them again.  The childcare kiddos were crazy about them and it’s a great way to use up bananas that are past the eating stage.  When I asked how the cookies were one little girl laid on her back and said, “I give them two thumbs and two ten toes up!”  I’m thinking that’s a pretty high praise!

So “The Iowa Farmer Today” wins with another good recipe!!

8 thoughts on “What I’m Baking: Banana Cookies with Caramel Frosting”

  1. Oh my! Your cookies sound yummy! And the rating of two thumbs and ten toes up is so cute and made me laugh! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Jo, you’re killing me. I just made the second batch of blueberry muffins with the recipe you posted the other day. My DH loves them. Thanks for posting delicious recipes that are tried and true.

  3. Yes, I agree about the cute ten toes up comment. I will have to try them. I am not a big fan of frosting so I will be leaving it off.

  4. We made the blueberry muffins and I took them to sewing last week. They seemed to go over well. I know we like them.

    Now another good sounding recipe!

  5. The recipe calls for ‘oatmeal’. Is it truly oatmeal, as in the warm yummy breakfast cereal, or just dried oats? I’m sure my misunderstanding is regional. Thanks for the clarity!

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