What I’m Baking: Bacon Bread

I was reading through an old recipe book that I bought at the thrift store and saw this recipe for Bacon Bread.


Our family loves all things bacon.  If it wasn’t so expensive I think we might even declare bacon as a food group.  Anyway, I wanted to give it a try.  (Ignore the picture of my oven.  My true confession is the reason I can get so much sewing done is that I ignore my oven-no joke)  Anyway…it made a really thick batter.


…and baked, it turned out like this….


The family consensus was…it was okay.  We tried to eat it as it but I don’t think it’s meant to be eaten like this.  I think it’s meant to be a dipping bread kind of like beer bread is.  With a good creamy dip, I think I’d like it much better.  As is, it was a little plain.  I’m not running out and making copies of the recipe but I’ll likely try it again when I make some type of dip.

Anyone care to chime in and let us know if you make a bread like this and if you serve it with a dip?  Inquiring minds would like to know.


6 thoughts on “What I’m Baking: Bacon Bread”

  1. My family loves bacon, also! I was very excited to find a recipe for Bacon Muffins with almost the same ingredients! When I made the muffins my family was not impressed!

  2. Forgot to mention we tried putting strawberry jam & some even added butter with the jam on the Bacon Muffins & the muffins were still just too flavorless & boring. In fact one family member asked if I had left out any ingredients when making the muffins.

  3. I was excited to read it was “Bacon Bread” but sad to see it wasn’t well received! :( I like the idea of adding cheese, that might up the flavor. Using it for French toast was also interesting.

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