What I’m Baking: 2-Ingredient Biscuits

I told you I had been watching a lot of Youtube lately and the channel I am addicted to is Whippoorwill Holler.  You can find their channel HERE.

They are a husband and wife duo with more of the wife visible than the husband.  They share all sorts of recipes, gardening tips, sustainable living, and common down-home living that I love.

I aspire to be nothing in my life…just a good wife, mom, and grandma.  I love domestic life.  I enjoy all things that involve taking care of my family.  I really don’t want to be anything more than that…and I feel like this family is much the same way.

The other day while I was watching, a recipe came up for 2 Ingredient Biscuits.  It was one of those recipes that you just know won’t work when you hear it…but, you’re dumb enough to try because seriously, what if you could make biscuits with only two ingredients.

This is the video I watched.

So…the next time I was in town I got self-rising flour and cream.  Those are the two ingredients.   I tried it the very next day…What did we think??  Was it too good to try?  Would it be an epic fail??
The verdict, WE LOVED THEM!!

They are the best biscuits I’ve ever made.  Here are my two ingredients, heavy whipping cream, and self-rising flour.

The original recipe only makes 3 or 4 biscuits.  With me being single, this is a double bonus.

So how were the biscuits??  AMAZING!  I loved them so much that I made more and invited the kids over for biscuits and pork sausage gravy.

I didn’t grow up having biscuits.  My mom never made them.  Kramer’s mom made baking powder biscuits all of the time.  He requested them often so I learned how to make them.

Originally I made them using my Betty Crocker cookbook.  In recent years I switched to making them using a King Arthur recipe.  Now, this is my recipe of choice.  Not only are they easy, but SUPER tasty and flaky too.  This recipe has me thinking of and wanting to make biscuits all of the time!!

So are you reading this thinking this has to be crazy…biscuits with only two ingredients??  You are right where I was when I first heard of the recipe.  Give them a try.  They aren’t too good to be true.

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  1. Hi Jo, you have probably already heard this but the recipe doesn’t load. I just made a large batch of sausage gravy for my guys to take to bird camp this weekend. I Mae sure there was enough to put some in the freezer. Excellent biscuits that are easy would be awesome. FYI I set your Amazon link on my Home Screen so I remember to use it Glad it will help you. I’m gearing up to Christmas shop we’re celebrating family November birthdays, Thanksgiving and Christmas and deer season (opening day is the 15th) all on November 14th. All our family except one grandson who is in the Air Force will be home.

  2. My family LOVES biscuits!! I will definitely give this recipe a try. Speaking of recipes… Kelly’s Black Eyed Pea Mash Up is a new family favorite. In fact, I just got finished eating a bowl of it a few minutes ago. YUM!!! I’ve made it several times since you shared the recipe. I’ve found that the Southern Seasoned Black Eyed Peas make the tastiest Mash Up. Store brand peas just don’t give the recipe enough flavor.

  3. I will definitely try these. I really like biscuits and enjoy making them, but every now and then a small, quick batch would be perfect. I like to toast leftover biscuits and put peanut butter and honey on them for my breakfast. Thanks for sharing!

  4. If at all possible see if you can find White Lily self rising flour. It’s the flour of choice for biscuits in the south.

    1. White Lily is the best!! I read somewhere that it’s a particular variety of wheat (or winter wheat, or something) that makes it better for biscuits. I wonder if a mix of sour cream and whipping cream would work in this recipe. I may have to do some experimenting!

    2. They do this on America’s Test Kitchen, but they heat the cream to 95+ degrees in the microwave to melt the butter in the cream. They use 2c cream to 3c flour. Then they mold with a cup measure because they are a little wet. It’s worth a watch.

  5. I’ve been making my biscuits this way for over two years. I do believe though, that Lily White self-rising flour makes a big difference. Unfortunately I don’t think you can purchase it in Iowa. In fact I take it home to Iowa from here in NC for my sister and daughter. This Iowa farm girl is learning something all the time from these North Carolinian ladies. If you get a chance, try Duke’s mayonnaise! If you do, you won’t go back to those others! HA!

  6. Jo – You SO aspire to be something. You are a wonderful mom and grandma. And a teacher and childcare provider. These are back bones of our families and society. I too love to be home and make my home comfortable. After 40 years of working and now retired, I love taking care of and improving my home. I also LOVE your blog. I learn so much. Hey, did you and daughters like the cross stitch magazines I sent you? I have more coming! Enjoy.

    1. I agree with Jazz about echoing Cindy’s words. I was just going to reply to say how much you have accomplished and continue to accomplish in your life, Jo! I so admire you and am appreciative of all I learn from you!

  7. That is like one I make, it also is 2 ingredients. 1 cup of self rising floor and 1 cup of Greek yogurt. Can be used for pizza crust, biscuits and hamburger buns.

  8. You do realize you ARE making Baking Powder Biscuits when you use self-rising flour (the self rising flour mixture is often somewhere around: 1 cup All-Purpose Flour 1 1/2 teaspoons Baking Powder 1/4 teaspoon Fine Salt) don’t you? It just saves you from measuring the BP and salt. Be sure to label the flour so you don’t mix it up with plain AP flour

    1. Thank-you. Many of us are not familiar with self-raising flour. It is more of a Southern thing. I can never get through a bag of it.

  9. I have the flour and milk. I read some where recently that if you add butter to 2% milk, it becomes whole milk or cream. Might try this with the milk this am to test it out.

  10. These biscuits look super easy and I like the idea of making only a few at a time. I will have to check out there channel, sounds interesting.

  11. Jo, these are delicious biscuits. The first time I made this recipe for biscuits was years ago. Probably a decade or more. I’m racking my brain on where I got the recipe from and I’m drawing a blank.

  12. Sounds perfect–since I’m alone too– have you tried the ones that use mayo?? -they are fast to make too, when need something like that in a hurry.

  13. Michael Fitzjarrell

    I did not like that when I went to print the recipe that your site tried to change my browser to YAHOO. I did not print your recipe.

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