What I was REALLY working on…and Winner

Mondays around here always feature “what I am working on”.  I try to always have something quilt related and I always have something but this week was a bit more of a struggle for me.  I’ve been busy.

Canning salsa….28 quarts worth.

The last batch was in the canner when I snapped the picture.  Even after all the blossom rot I had, I’ve still managed to get a few tomatoes.  It has helped as we have been getting a small amount of rain here and there and the temps have been comfortable.

We dug the onions and they are all cleaned and drying.  The rack on the bottom left is filled with purple onions.

The potatoes are dug and curing.

The crock is full of sauerkraut and fermenting.  Hopefully there will be 7 gallons or so.

Some friends who make sauerkraut all the time came  over and gave us a little live in person tutorial on how to.  Of course I was so busy listening and cleaning cabbage that I forgot to snap pictures.  All I can say is I am excited to try this.  Everyone raves about their kraut so here’s to hoping for some good kraut this time around.

All that’s left in the garden is a zucchini plant, tomatoes, peppers, a few cabbages to eat fresh, along with pumpkins and squash that are almost done…oh a couple beets too.  I need to get some lettuce planted yet to take us into fall but that’s about it.  I can honestly say I am so happy that it’s winding down.  Hopefully then I will back to more sewing!!

As promised, the winner of last week’s “Try in on Tuesday” giveaway of Quilt It with Love:  The Project Linus Story” by Mary Balagna and Carol Babbit donated by Lark Crafts is…
Glenda who said, ” Woodstock!  Looks like a great book–I’m in several groups that make charity quilts for various organizations, and am always looking for new patterns to try.  Thanks for the chance to win.”

4 thoughts on “What I was REALLY working on…and Winner”

  1. Wow… you sure have been busy. Your put up jars looks wonderful. Sure takes me back a few decades when I used to do that. I am very interested in your experiments with making kraut. Hope you will fill us all in when you decide on a recipe/method. That would be great. Glad the weather is cooperating so you can glean your garden.

  2. I LOVE home-canned sauerkraut. My neighbor back when our kids were small always had sauerkraut in her crock every Fall. She kept her behind a woodstove stating the temp had to be very consistent for a good result.
    I hope your ‘kraut comes out well. It’s so yummy!!! I even eat it cold–while my DH is gagging. LOL

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