What I Bought from the Stitchery Nook…

I told you that I went to the Stitchery Nook a couple of weeks ago looking for all of the Needlework Market goodies.

Admittedly, I bought a lot but that’s okay. I’ve been putting money aside for it…and to my shock, a couple of you sent gift cards and they were waiting for me there when I arrived. Imagine my shock!

Before I went I had done some planning. I checked to see what flosses I already had and what threads I might need. Some time ago I had bought the Let Love Reign chart from Teresa Kogut. I also bought the linen for it.

When I went to the Stitchery Nook, I bought the threads I didn’t have.

I bought linen…these were all from companies I have heard from but have never seen in person. These are just going in my stash for now. I’ll get to using them or my daughter Kelli will at some time. It’s so hard to buy linen online so when I see something different, I like to buy it.

I had this chart in my stash and have wanted to stitch it. I have had it on hold as I was afraid to buy the blue/gray linen on line when I can’t see the real color in person. I’ve had it on my list to watch for linen for it.

I found this linen I am excited about…it’s a Seraphim linen and I’ve used that brand before and have liked it. I bought four flosses that I didn’t have so now this one is ready to stitch at any time. Cynthia from Stitching in the Light on YouTube is working on this. I’ve enjoyed watching her stitch it. Hopefully, I’ll be stitching it soon.

I’ve also been watching several Flosstubers talk about assignment stitching. This piece has blocks that would work perfectly for that so I’ve been thinking about starting this one and doing one “block/section” each month as my assignment.

I previously bought this pattern. I got it home and didn’t have all of the flosses. I ended up needing to buy a couple of flosses. I hope to stitch this one this spring…soonish.

A blog reader sent this chart to me some time ago. I had linen for it and have most of the flosses. I bought four flosses and now this is all ready to stitch at any time. I’ve very much liked this chart.

The chart is Hannah Ann Wallace, 1850 from With Thy Needle and Thread. It’s so pretty. I love the simple alphabet.

Here are two projects that will be future stitch alongs. Liz sent the charts and linen home with me. I checked to see what flosses I had. Liz is going to send me the rest of the threads. I’m keeping them a secret for now.

I got this one…Oh, I love it. I always like having a fill-in project. This one will be perfect. I’ve never stitched one of these animals. I’m so excited about it. I have to look and see if I have any 36-count linen. I might see if Kelli has some and she’ll share her’s if I don’t.

I bought the new Blackbird Designs charts. I collect them.

I have the others of these seasonal quaker patterns. I bought this one to add to my collection as well. I really need to get started on these. Next year it might be my project to stitch each one as the season comes along.

My HUGE splurge was the Serenity chart, linen, and threads. I plan to start this one after I finish Pet All The Dogs by Teresa Kogut. Oh, I love this!! I think with my cancer treatments this one really spoke to me. I love the word Serenity.

Another Teresa Kogut piece that I love…

This was the last piece that I bought that totally surprised me. I had seen this one and liked it but then I saw the chart in person…I loved it. The colors are AMAZING! This is another piece I am thinking about doing as an assignment project. I could do one border portion each month.

It’s so pretty and there and only a few colors and they are amazing. This one is a little bit out of my typical “box”…but I love it. I think attracted me to it as well.

I know I bought a lot…I know it’s likely that a few of these are “just for my collection” and might not be stitched. It’s okay. I read and look through charts like people read books or look at magazines. I will get MUCH enjoyment for these whether they all get stitched or not. After a month or so I’ll file them away…then I’ll take them out in a few months and dream some more. It’s a constant thing I do.

Many thanks for the gift cards. It was so fun shopping and it’s been fun having the charts here perusing them and dreaming. Oh my. Cross stitch has my heart people. I just love it. I think the first thing I’m going to start is Serenity…and the rabbit Maggie Mae from Stacy Nash. I think this might be my first Stacy Nash piece…oh let the fun begin!!

15 thoughts on “What I Bought from the Stitchery Nook…”

  1. I love all the pieces you bought, especially Serenity and Primrose Cottage. I’m looking forward to seeing them ‘grow’, whichever ones you choose to do. I’ve never attempted counted cross stitch so I live vicariously through you! :-)

    1. I purchased Serenity as well. Actually, I got the last one that The Stitchery Nook had . Can’t wait to start it. It’s a big one so it’ll take awhile but it will be fun! Enjoy all your items and Have Fun Stitching!

  2. These are beautiful pattern. I know you’ll have fun stitching them – especially Serenity. I can see why it called to you.
    Love and prayers

  3. How fun! I have a question though. Will you use purple in the Spring Quaker one? I absolutely love it in purple. But I know you prefer red so I am just wondering if you will keep the called for color. Either way, it will be beautiful! Thank you for sharing. You inspire me! I usually quilt but have been making a few cross-stitch items because of your motivation.

  4. I also bought Spring Quaker at my local shop, The Stitchin’ Kitten. They had a sample stitched and that did it. Also bought the beautiful floss in Blooming Crocus.

    1. Dorothy Countryman

      I’m so happy for you Jo!!! Thank you for the floss toss with Teresa Kogut’s Serenity pattern. I hope that one’s in my near future. As always, you inspire me. Thank you.

  5. Many years ago I bought a piece almost exactly like Serenity. My husband made the frame and it hangs in my office. It’s very pretty still after all these years, encased in glass. I can’t do counted cross stitch now because of my eyesight but I’m thinking I might be able to do stamped. I’m very impressed with all your kits. Who knew that you would fall so hard in love with this craft?

  6. good morning Jo. loved your post this morning. what is the name of the cross stitch pattern that has the hands to work, hearts to God saying on the bottom please? who is the designer? i love this piece and would love to purchase the chart. thanks so much. i hope all is well with you. any new cancer results? we’re all on pins and needles as i know you are. blessings and love on the way to you. Debra Broyles

  7. I love the charts you bought and I’m looking forward to watching which ones you start first. I would have a hard time choosing which ones to start. I’m so glad you got one of the Animal Crackers charts. They are so cute. Enjoy your stitching and know that those of us who don’t stitch will enjoy watching your progress.

  8. I am so glad you had such a fun time picking out all these wonderful charts. You will have fun reading and dreaming with them and I am sure you will complete many of them. I think it is so good that we all can get enjoyment out of doing such beautiful things – cross stitching, quilting, and/or wool embroidery. So much joy in doing whichever we do.

  9. So many wonderful charts! have fun stitching those! I’ll have to check out Serenity, it does look like a great piece.

  10. Marlene Clausen

    The last piece you showed is GORGEOUS!! From Toledo? is that the name of the chart? Wow!! Sew very different. Of course, it could be the “blues” that I’m loving. I can totally see doing this one, myself. Thanks for the photo . . . even if you don’t end up making it.

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