What I Bought at the Quilt Shop

I left you hanging last week. I showed you many of the wonderful things at the quilt shop, Merry’s Stitchin’s, but I didn’t tell you what I bought. Well, I guess that’s not exactly true. I did tell you I bought this piece for me for my Christmas present. My husband isn’t here anymore to buy me one so I buy something for myself every year and tell myself, he’d have wanted me to have it.

I told you all that I have been into wool lately and I even completed one wool piece. Well, that left me wanting to do more. I went to the store intending to buy white wool. I have a snowman project I want to do…I did get that but I also bought this…I can’t wait to dive in. I won’t wrap it for myself but I won’t touch it until Christmas comes…not even to look at or read the pattern. Not even to look at the package. Can you tell it’s been tempting me?

Here is the wool I bought. Two pieces of white, one of black, and two scrap bags…one in red and one in green. Next time I go back I think I’ll buy some scrap bags in other colors as well.

I bought the cardinal wool pattern and the other cardinal piece. I think I will make it into some type of pillow or drum rather than a wall hanging.

I bought this kit as a gift. It’s for a table runner. I have a friend who often makes gifts for others. I can see her making these and gifting them.

I bought her this pattern too. It’s so cute. The bottom of a plastic pop bottle goes into the bottom of the basket. I think these would be so cute to make and give to retreat attendees. Again, I think she’d like it.

You know I have made several quilts that are Iowa Hawkeye-themed. I got this pattern thinking I might made a pillow to go with the quilt the next time I make on for donation.

These are more gifty things I picked up. The little “Joy to the World” notebooks are for gifts. The piece that looks like an old pattern is actually a notebook. You can see the inside of it on the right. This was a birthday present to me. HA! I plan to keep track of my cross stitch and quilt projects in it a little bit. We’ll see if I actually do it. Sometimes I have big plans that fall through.

I also bought myself two new pairs of scissors. These are for cross stitch. The Americana one will go in my patriotic stitching bag and the red one has snowflakes on it. That one will go in my Christmas or Winter stitching bag. I love these scissors for cross-stitching.

I also bought a piece of fabric. My hope is that it will work great for the sashing on my Smores quilt. I through a couple of blocks on the fabric to see if I thought I would like it and I do. The sashing will be oriented vertically once I have the quilt sewn together. How was that for pretty quick decision-making on my part?

I bought the little metal stand you see on the left. I didn’t buy the wool kit…just the stand. I would love to make something for it. I was worried I wouldn’t find it again if I didn’t buy it then.

I also bought this little pile of goodies. The twill tape on the left is for projects I want to make in the future. All it looks like measuring tape. I bought two balls of Valdoni thread. My friend Gloria said she uses it when she does punch needle. I want to do that again so thought I would get two so I could try it.

I also bought some Chenille-It. That is the stuff that is put on the seams of this quilt to make the fuzziness.

I don’t plan on making a quilt and using it. I plan to make a cross-stitch pillow and use it. I was watching this Youtube video from Sew Tattered. She shows how to use it in the seams when making a pillow to get a fuzzy trim. I wanted to try it.

I thought about getting it in several different colors but then the voice of reason overcame me and I only bought one so I could try it out to see if I liked it first. HA!

Those were my purchases. I got lots of stuff but in the loot, I got myself birthday and Christmas presents…I got presents for others and lots of supplies to make projects I’ve been wanting to make. It was a great day…but also, it’s a good thing I don’t go to quilt shops very often. HA!

13 thoughts on “What I Bought at the Quilt Shop”

  1. You are a very kind person Jo as you are always thinking of others when you go shopping or thrifting, I am so happy that you got some fun things for yourself! Really like To plant a Flower and smart to pick up wool scrap bags when you can, that’s the best way to get a variety fast! Can’t wait to see you make that one!

  2. I love the Merry’s Stitches May Basket – that is a project I will do with my 4-H sewing group for our April class! Thanks for sharing

  3. What a great shopping spree you had! So very fun when one finds such good items. That is such a great notebook cover – looks like something I might have used in those days. I have some of that fuzz-it unless I discarded it before moving.

  4. Gloria B - NE IL

    Thanks for sharing the chenille it video. I have some projects that could use this as a finishing technique. You bought some very cute items.

  5. Merry’s is a really nice shop, there is so much to look at and be tempted by! I also wanted to let you know – since you go to Osage a few times a year – I think Debbie’s Quilts and Gifts just down the street from the Stitchery Nook has more wool now. I haven’t seen it with my own eyes, since they just got it. Also, in Osage there is a place called Ewe and Eye (they have a facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/search/top?q=ewe%20and%20eye) – that has lots of wool, at a really reasonable price. When we retreat at Debbies’s, a few times we have messengered them and set up a time to go to the shop. It doesn’t have ‘store front’ or regular hours. I think it is(was) a mother(mom died this spring)/daughter team that loves rug hooking and they have meetings, work days and classes etc in a shed on their property and they do mail order and shows. I think you would love it! It’s worth a stop if you can connect with her and make a meet up time.

  6. Barb ( Canandaigua, NY

    Always love, love to see what you are taking about doing. Could you tell us the manufacturer or some way of identifying brand of scissors. One of my nieces is an avid cross stitcher and has been doing my framing for me in the last year. Doesn’t want me to buy the supplies for her but I’m always trying to think of something that she might like. A cute pair of the small scissors would be wonderful. I also have been wondering when you talk about kitting up floss with a pattern, do you have a system where u know where a floss called for might be in another kitted up project or do u just buy a new floss?

    1. I put my partially used floss into an organized system when I am finished with it. Then when I am making a new project, I check there first. If I don’t have it, then I buy new. I try to not have too many things kitted (maybe 10) before I stitch them.

  7. Teresa from Port coquitlam

    I bought some chenille-it a few years ago and finally made some pillows. I bought the pillow covers at Ikea as they come made and with a zipper for 4.99 amd just added Joy or Noel or a snowflake design. I will send you pictures. I am very pleased with them and made two for my sister-in-law. She is hosting Christmas this year for all 23 of us so wanted to bring her a gift. (I usually host, so what a nice break for me).

  8. Lots of neat things. That fabric is terrific with your Smores blocks. I am absolutely in love with that wool piece. Not sure I could resist the urge to jump right in.

  9. Hi Jo, love the black wool wall hanging “if you plant a flower….” Can you tell me how to get that, is it a kit? I just love it!

    Thanks Karen

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