What I am working on…Orca Bay

I wish I could tell you that I had a HUGE pile of quarter square triangles all sewn and finished for my Orca Bay, Bonnie Hunter, mystery…but I don’t.  I do have a really little stack though.


There are only about 20 finished ones there…the rest of the this week’s installment is in various stages.


All the pieces are cut out…all the triangles have been sewn together once.  I like to keep my projects together in cake pans or in flat boxes like the one in the picture.  It helps me stay organized.  I think it’s fun to watch people work on projects like this…some cut one block and finish it, some have to work on each step until it is entirely finished, some do a bit of this and a bit of that.  I am mostly the last one.  I like to work really hard on parts as they fit in with my life.  At one point this weekend, no one was around so I power sewed all the pieces together.  Last night, hubby was in the kitchen so I was at the table and ironed while I hung out with him.  I am sure one of my kids will call on the phone tomorrow and I put the speaker phone on and iron.  I am curious how others tackle assignments…are you methodical and have to complete an entire step or do you skip around like I do?

I am also working on this project….funny thing, I have to make 256 hour glass blocks for that one.  Thankfully those hour glass blocks are a little bit bigger.

I’ll finish up the rest by Friday if all goes well.  We are expecting all the kids to come home this week.   Some just for Thursday…some for a couple days…one all week.  A lot of cleaning, grocery shopping and orgainization needs to happen around here before Thursday so we’ll see what happens.  If Orca Bay doesn’t get done of Friday, I’ll catch up over the weekend.  Family comes first.

If you are up for more eye candy, check out my crumb quilt along linky party here. We’ll be having another party in January to see the rest of the finished quilts.

Check out other design walls at Patchwork Times…and check out Orca Bay progress at Quiltville’s Quips and Snips.

15 thoughts on “What I am working on…Orca Bay”

  1. I am working on Orca Bay too. I like to cut just a few to make sure I have everything quite right. Then I like to power sew. I too will iron or trim blocks while on speaker phone. I had a really good sewing weekend. All of my blocks are sewn and pressed. Now they just need trimmed and I will be tapping my foot impatiently on Friday morning to get the next step. I like to keep each project in a plastic container. Due to my fabric selections for Orca Bay, it is currently in three containers and I really don’t like that… But it will be well worth it. I probably won’t get them all trimmed today due to that thing called WORK… Happy sewing!

  2. Unfortunately I didn’t get to start it this year, I just have too much holiday sewing lined up. But I am saving the directions and maybe I can start it after the holidays. I’m like you, I just do whatever….whenever. As long as I get it finished that’s all that matters to me. Have a great day

  3. I am sewing along with Orca Bay. My first mystery quilt. I was encouraged to try it when I read a previous blog you wrote about Bonnie’s mysteries. I cut the triangles all at once, then bounce around depending on what I feel like doing and how many minutes I have to work on it.

  4. Judy D in upstate NY

    I like to do a test square or two first and then I work in batches of maybe 20 to 30 and complete them and then go on to the next batch. I have 85 Orca BAy QST squares, all done, squared up and trimmed and several more ready to start. Got a new sewing chair on Sat. night and am going to use it today. Yesterday was family stuff.

  5. I do a little bit of each step usually, except this time I did cut ALL my strips first while I thought about where my companion angle ruler might be hiding! Looking forward to the next linky crumb party and hope to have something to share then!

  6. I like to work methodically, but I’ve found I get bored and can’t do all the pieces at once. I have found that I can handle about 20 units at a time. I stack 10 pairs of light/dark, cut the QSTs and sew/press until I have all 20 done. Then I take a break, and come back later to start over again. “Only” 11 sets for this mystery – yikes. I have 100 done, so almost half-way, and all the other fabric cut so I have to finish :)

  7. Hi Jo, Your hourglass blocks are looking really good – I bet you are doing them in your sleep ! I work quite methodically, some cutting, some sewing….. and I like to finish each part before moving onto the next.
    Happy sewing

  8. I like to do a little cutting, then sewing, then pressing, then working on my other project(S), then back to Orca Bay, etc. It’s fun and feel no pressure…

  9. I do a little bit of each step before going back and starting at the beginning again. I love to have at least a few finished blocks nice and early on — somehow that makes it easier to power sew with confidence when the opportunity arises.

  10. Your blocks look great! Good job. Nice fabrics, too. Can’t wait for clue#2! I’m ready to go. Have a Happy Thanksgiving…….Debra (quiltfan510) on quiltville chat.

  11. You got quite a bit accomplished! I actually prefer to cut everything all at once and then just sew away. If I am not too sure about sizing or colour selection I will often make one sample block first just to be sure.

  12. Jo –
    I work on blocks like you do, fitting in when I can. Besides, it’s uncomfortable for my to sit and sew for hours on end, like apparent some power sewers are able to do.
    It looks like your using reproductions. I am too… 1900-era.

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