What I am working on…

I don’t have anything on my “design floor”.  I do have something on my quilt machine though….


It’s my Roll, Roll Cotton Ball quilt.  I am about 1/2 finished and ran out of thread.  It is SO hard to predict how much thread is on a spool and how far it will go.  Hopefully today I can get to the quilt shop and purchase some thread.

Right before this was on the quilt rack, I had a small wall size quilt….I am totally in love with the little quilt.  It isn’t bound yet but stop back later this week and I’ll show it to you.

I drew a winner for the Simply Charming Book is…..
Jeanne who said
I have a stash of vintage fabric, or should I tub after tub of vintage fabric and I am always on the search for simplistic patterns to use. Your book might be perfect. I just completed a quilt for our elderly neighbor that thinks he is looking out for us, but we are the ones doing the looking out for him. Such a sweet man.

If you want to see what others are working on, head on over to Patchwork Times.

11 thoughts on “What I am working on…”

  1. What a wonderful surprise I found in my e-mail-box this morning. As I told Jo, I NEVER win anything and it isn’t for lack of trying. Can’t wait to get the book and promise that I will find an idea I like, put some of that vintage fabric together and make something to share with all the quilting peeps here. Thank you so much Jo and believe me when I say that I am excited!!

  2. I used to never think much about thread. Now that I’m a quilter I can’t believe all the variables that go into choosing a thread ranging from weight and color to how much is on a spool. Bummer that progress had to halt for a while, but your quilt is really nice.

  3. My RRCB is all pieced and is 4th down on my list of things to quilt. I can’t decide how I want to quilt it. Are you doing an allover design?

  4. I am so excited to see a couple of RRCB quilts at this stage …. I am “almost” there, but not quite. I need to ignore my other little projects and get busy. Each of our quilts look so different – it is amazing what our “stash” will do. Great Job!

  5. Your RRCB looks terrific!

    It’s so frustrating to run out of thread! Even worse, bobbin thread. Don’t you wish sewing machine makers would figure out a way to have a continuous bobbin?

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