What I am working on…

Well…here’s what I should be working on, but I’ve gotten a little side tracked.


This is my Roll, Roll Cotton Ball quilt mystery from Bonnie Hunter over at Quiltville.  This quilt has been really testing my “quilting ADD”.  I love mysteries….I love working on large challenging quilts…but I HATE never ending LONG steps.

I am supposed to be sewing 344 triangles to these strips.  I am supposed to be sewing the 600 half square triangles into 5 pieced rows..that’s 120 five inch rows.  That’s a lot of sitting in on place….it’s a lot of concentrated time.

So yesterday instead of focusing on what I should be doing….I machine quilted a quilt.  I machine quilted a Christmas tree skirt.  I added borders to a quilt top.  In between all this I sewed a few triangles together…..Actually I sit there and force mystery to sew 25 at a time.

UGH!  I wish the triangles were all sewn together.  I haven’t been enjoying this mystery as much as I usually to.  The steps are SO long and SO much repeat.  Hopefully after Friday’s clue is revealed, it will be enough to charge me into sewing those triangles together.  I should have lots of fun things to show you this week….because my “quilting ADD” is getting me doing LOTS of projects…just not my Roll, Roll Cotton Ball.

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  1. You are proceeding well with the mystery; stay with it. It’s amazing how when you let the stress out how fast you’ll tackle the steps. Have fun and Happy New Year.

  2. Ah . . . RRCB is a very involved mystery. I haven’t gotten beyond clue 3 from last years mystery. But, look at all the other things you are getting done while you angst about the million pieces of RRCB! Go girl!

  3. I used my timer a lot on this one and I had my parts bundled into sets….60 HSTs, 10 3 patch units-so I would do 1 or 2 sets per sit down time……then I did a long marathon stretch while I finished listening to a book on cd that was lots longer than I thought it would be….That got me through the last of the HSTs. I love playing these games with myself. :) I think you will be so happy with your results…just stick to it.

  4. Bonnie’s mystery has a lot of scary numbers this time! I haven’t started it though have downloaded the steps. It may be that I only do half of the units, as she recommends if it seems too much. Also I don’t have small strips and scraps for the string blocks–there’s only so much room at my house and I just don’t save pieces narrower than an inch. Looking forward to seeing what she does with those triangle-ended strips. Maybe they will frame something? Looking forward to seeing what your avoidance technique has resulted in from your sewing workshop!

  5. I’m sewing the 344 triangles to the 3patches today too! I skipped step 5 for the time being….600 HST is going to be a challenge! We’ll do it though…one step at a time!

  6. I started this step yesterday too. I’m alternating sewing the hst together and adding the triangles. Sew 20 hst together, sew a triangle to twenty 3 patches and so on…I’ll be there before Friday but it is slow going.

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