What I am working on….

Right now, I busy working on loose ends.

Here’s my pile of Roll, Roll Cotton Ball String Pieced blocks.  I still am not liking the mess of string piecing….There’s scraps EVERYWHERE.  If you read the note on the stack, you can see I’m getting close.


Here’s my Hopscotch, Butterscotch…if you decide to make this please note there are pattern corrections.


Here are Note to Self and Crab Apples…both need binding.


I didn’t take a picture of them but I have two simple Accuquilt Go! projects that I am working on for Christmas gifts.

I don’t know where to jump first.
I need to write a Christmas Letter.
I need to start doing some tax work…UGH!!
My son is laid off from his seasonal job and is home for a couple days and is doing some painting and fix up jobs around here to earn some extra cash.  I want to keep him busy.
My job needs some attention.
I need 10 dozen cookies made by the weekend for a cookie walk fundraiser for church next week.
My daughter put up the Christmas tree and said…mom, for the last three years you’ve said you were going to make a tree skirt.  I’ve said for the last 25 years that I was going to make Christmas Stocking and that hasn’t happened either!!
Hubby and I are going away for the weekend..just a two day get away…it’s my birthday present.

I want to SEW…but life is calling.  My priority is to get those string blocks done because the MESS is driving me CRAZY!

You can check out more design walls over at Patchwork Times….Hopefully one week is what I need to pull this all together…by then their will probably be Christmas gifts to wrap….oh December!

16 thoughts on “What I am working on….”

  1. I would wrap some beautiful Christmas fabric around the base of your Christmas tree and check that one off your list ;-)

    Then I would get all the yucky stuff like taxes finished and then work on your Christmas presents, or your string quilt since you really are so close to getting the blocks finished and that means you can put the work away. Then machine on your bindings so that you can sit in the evenings and hand stitch them.

    I think we all know how you feel! Have fun and breathe ;-)

  2. Use the 30 minute rule. Work on a project for 30 minutes and then do something for yourself (rest/sew) for 15 minutes then repeat with project. before you know it everything is done. That works for me!

  3. I really hate feeling the way you’re feeling. Sometimes when I get overwhelmed, I write everything down on a list, rank them (A is REALLY important, B is kind important, and C is would like to do). You can have more than one of each letter.

    Then, pick out an A or a B to do and if you work on it or finish it, you can do a C, he he he.

    I’m a very pleasure oriented type of a gal, so that works for me, lol.

  4. When I feel overwhelmed, I opt for baking. Something about measuring and mixing and a result are calming for me. Take a deep breath and look at one task at a time, so you’re not overwhelmed by the big picture! :)

  5. Yikes. Plan the tree skirt for NEXT year. (I can show you where you can get a very easy pattern that is quite nice.) Start making the dough for the cookies and refrigerating it… little at a time. Give your self play breaks so you can continue to sew. TAKE A BREATH…

  6. I know what you mean about string blocks being messy. I stopped in the middle of some to work on this year’s Christmas quilt and the strings have been pushed around and are now all over the place. Since the quilt is finished, my first project will be to pick up strings and put them away and not get them out until I am ready to work on them again. Good luck!!

  7. My suggestion would be to gather up all the mess of the string blocks and place them in a sterilite container until after the holidays when you are better able to focus on that project!

  8. Sounds like you have loads of stuff to do. Just like me though–things that should be done–and then the things you want to do. You are very close on your RRCB Clue 3. I say do it first so you’ll be happier to do everything else. My strings look similar to yours–only I haven’t got a single one done! Sandi

  9. Oh, what a lovely pile of quilts there! Crab apple is looking beautiful. I hope you sort out what’s the priority for TODAY, and Scarlett O’Hara the rest…

    Have a great birthday weekend away. Happy Birthday!

  10. Sometimes making a list helps. Get it out of your head and on to paper, but the length of yours is daunting! My 18 year old son finally got his handmade Christmas stocking last year (better late than never). I love your quilts Note to Self and Crabapples!

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