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Now that the double wedding ring top quilt is finished, I can start sewing on a new project.  Well not really because I have to machine quilt that yet but if you quilt, you might be like me…I find it impossible not to think about the next project.  Then once I’ve thought about it and decided on it, I find it impossible not to just sew a block..or put a couple units together.  Then I just started somethings new.

This time, I pulled out my Lazy Sunday Mystery from Quiltmaker.  I am behind on Clue #2 but I am making a bit of progress on it.  I have one block done and I have units together too.


But…right now, that is on hold too.  I have my nieces kiddos here for a couple days so I am doing the cooking and cleaning and part of the entertainment.  Come back later today and I’ll show you what we’ve been up to.

Once they are back at their home, I’ll have to be back to the quilt for the wedding…but, Kelli and I just got notices and TWO projects are full speed ahead with deadline lurking around the corner.  Thankfully I have  my trusty daughter and friend, Kelli, on hand to handle some of the sewing.  These deadlines just might be the death of us..but we can do it right???

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