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I have been busy….Yesterday I did a little cleaning up.  I had left too many projects sitting about and not put away.  Sometimes sewing in a mess like that is a little draining.  As I was cleaning I came across my Pineapple Crazy blocks.  I had set them aside the last couple weeks as I have things with deadlines that need attention.  I decided to lay them out and see what they look like.

This is about one fourth of what the quilt will be.  WOW…right?

While you are checking it out, how about a little advice.  Can you see the black splashes here and there?  Do I keep the black in the blocks or should I quit using it?  Suggestions please.

I also have been working on Kayla’s wedding quilt…there are more blocks being added to the stacks.  I think by bedtime tonight, I’ll have the rest of the actual blocks sewn but that’s still a long way from finished.  The sashing takes just as long if not longer than the blocks.

I got another quilt quilted so there’s a binding to finish up too.

It looks like my sewing plan is set for the week…to see what other’s are working on, check out Patchwork Times.

19 thoughts on “What I am working on….”

  1. It’s hard to tell from the picture, but I see two possibilities. Leave the black in there and add a bit more and scatter it around and then add some small black polka dot as a small maybe 1.5 sashing with some white or bright pink–or eliminate all blocks with black in them and use in another quilt. With those darks coming together as they do, I think leaving them is my first option. I do hate giving my opinion as it often collides with the quilt maker–gotta love it, huh! I love those stars for Kayla’s quilt–always fun for me to make and I love how you’ve used such scrappy lights.

  2. I think it looks fantastic, that little bit of black gives it depth. I don’t know how you do it, both of these projects are very time consuming. way to go girl!!!

  3. I think anything goes into the Pineapple Crazy. Once you have all your blocks sewn and start laying arranging them, spread out the darks and you won’t notice them. I love working on mine.
    Love the wedding quilt blocks!

  4. Jo…
    Good morning! I like the black and white in the pineapple logs, but don’t like them in the corners. I suggest you leave them to the logs. You’ve got a lot done; even if it is only a fourth of the way. Sandi

  5. ohhh looks fabulous!!! now i want to make one…i say leave the black but when you do the final layout maybe try and not have black and navy touching….yikes maybe i am to ocd for this quilt lol

  6. I’ll go along with Kwiltnkats, too. Keep the black in the logs, but no more in the corners. Keep the ones that you have, though and maybe use them on the outside of the quilt, where they won’t stand out quite so much.

  7. I’m struggling with block layout issues today too so I’m not able to offer much advice. Mine have a ton of light yellow/gold that I’m trying to keep separate. I love your bright blocks and you are forcing me to put a pineapple quilt on my make someday list!

  8. I would leave the black in as it gives your eyes somewhere to rest before looking at more bright colors.

    Do you have a tutorial/ instructions on how to make these blocks ?

  9. Wow is right! And I see no reason not to keep the black going as it is a great contrast to the lighter colors. My mind just boggles over the blocks.

  10. I completely agree that the black in the blocks looks great (I especially love the polka dot), but maybe take out the couple black corners. You are doing a great job!!

  11. Keep the black, adds a nice contrast, but not in corners, more in center of block (smaller pieces) so as not to overpower the other colors. Balance the black with your other dark-brights, such as purple, red, green, orange, etc. Then thoroughly mix and distribute the colors as you layout on your design wall or floor as the case may be.
    Love your blog, very inspiring with the beautiful quilts, recipes, dogs, kids, hubby and farm life stories.

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