What I am working on…

I don’t know if it’s even fair to say that I am working one this tumbler quilt.  I started it months ago as my leader and ender project.  Then it got pushed aside…


Then a  few days ago when the power went out in the afternoon, I pulled it out and decided I wanted to get back at it and worked really hard to get it this far.   Then after working on for a day or two, it’s on the back burner again….but at least it’s simmering on that back burner.   Some other projects bumped it back to the lower priority status but I am at least back to sewing the tumbler blocks as leaders and enders.  I’ve heard the saying “slow and steady wins the race”.  I guess that’s where I am with the tumblers right now…slow and steady.

I want to add a little more spice to it.  So far I have been sewing the blocks together in a light dark pattern.  I want to throw in a few more odd balls in there.  The pinks and the light greens I have been using sometimes as dark and something a light…I think that adds a little more interest.  I cut tumblers and cut tumblers but I can tell I think I am going to need to cut more.  I had NO IDEA it would take so many.

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8 thoughts on “What I am working on…”

  1. Crystal Karley

    I love your tumbler quilt. Though there is a little part near the bottom of your picture where the tumblers seem to line up. Dark on dark and light on on light for about 4 rows in the center. I am not sure if it is just how the it looks on my computer. But from your description it didn’t sound like you wanted that to happen. So I thought I would point it out. I hope you don’t mind. But other wise I think your quilt is going to look fantastic when it is done.

  2. Oh It looks beautiful so far! I have been sewing some as L/Es but having a hard time deciding if I want to do like you, dark and light or if I want to do it where there are columns of darks and lights. Any way I do it, it will be great.
    If you are going to need more, I know I will too. Oh well I will see how far I can get with what I have.
    I’m ready for people to back to work around here so I can get in the sewing room! :)

  3. Wow this is looking nice! I did a project like this where I took it out and work on it off and on over 5 years – finally when I got it done – what did I do? I started a new one LOL!! So you’re not the only one!

  4. I love the scrappy energy in this quilt, and it’s nice to have a project you can pick up or put down any time without worrying about losing your place in the pattern.

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