What I am working on….

I am still playing with my crumb blocks….It’s my daughter’s 16 th birthday today and this quilt is for her for her birthday so I am actually concentrating on the crumb blocks pretty hard.  Thankfully she lives at home and knows it’s been just to crazy with her party and and with her brother’s graduation for me to have it finished..especially since I just started it last week!  I’ve been busy making graduation quilts…this one, this one and this one and I have one more of them to do!


I am hoping….this week…to get some sewing time to decided what to do with all these blocks.
I can’t say enough how I love these blocks.  I have been thinking about how to arrange them in a quilt.  I thought about sashing but she kind of likes the crazy randomness of it all just as is….


People always say that with quilts, a person’s “eye needs somewhere to rest”.  There is no resting on this quilt….would the sashing do that?


Then I thought about grouping most of them in the center, adding a border (probably the red solid)….then go back to a row of crumb blocks around the outside edge and finish with a red binding.  That way, my daughter gets her way that the blocks are together and the eye “will also get a place to rest” on that red inner border.

Any opinions out there?  Have you worked with crumbs before?  Mine are 6″.  I also thought about doing more words around the outside….maybe her middle name….maybe the date….maybe something silly like “your momma loves you!”  If I don’t put the “your momma loves you on the front, I think I am putting it on the back.

I’d love to see other layouts for crumb quilts….or get suggestions with what to do with the blocks.

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  1. I think they are lovely and I would put a narrow sashing around each of them. More words on top will look great. What kid does like to hear mama loves you.

  2. yes, arranging them with borders/sashing might make them stand out…not sure about the color though…a pale sashing might do but your idea of red is a possibility…lay them out on different colors. Will be anxious to see what you choose

  3. I think I would go with the chaos in the middle with a thin red border before the crumb border. I kind of like how crazy it is, but I do think it needs a little something to bring it all together.

  4. Yes, I like the idea of sashing. You might audition different colors. What is her favorite color would it work? I see red would probably be best but another color might work too. However you set it will be great. It is stunning.

  5. What about a large center section, on point. Then a wide border (maybe red) with nice quilting then four corners of the crumb blocks to make it square and another wide border. You would have a couple of places to rest the eye. That is just what popped in my head. It may be totally wrong.

  6. As I read your blog post I was thinking exactly as you. I think your inner red sashing would be great with perhaps two rows deep if you have them of crumbs and a finish with red. A real bright blue might work well too. “Your Momma Loves You” would be perfect–definitely for the front. Happy Birthday to your daughter. The graduation quilts look great. Sandi

  7. Love your quilt! I am also working on my first crumb quilt. My worry was that without a sashing, there might be too much stretch with all the seams on the edges of the blocks. Just a thought.

  8. Love your crumb blocks and I’m thinking a small inner border around the center would be good. I also like the randomness of the blocks, so am torn but I think if you add a thin border and do more lettering. It’s turning out so great, can’t wait to see it done!

  9. Great job on your crumb blocks, aren’t they fun! The recipient’s opinion should matter most but I agree with you about the sashing adding some stability to all the wonky block edges.

    All the finished crumb quilts I saw on Bonnie’s Quiltville site have solid sashings which does give the eye a chance to rest. My top is still waiting for the quilting to be finished but I went with a print sashing because I wanted the blocks and sashing to blend more (my blocks finished at four inches). You can see my top here if you scroll down the post a bit: http://bronxquilter.blogspot.com/2010/12/quilters-accountability-122210.html.

    And don’t forget trims as an option. I used a beaded trim between the last set of sashing and outer border but you could use ribbon or giant rick rac for sashing too. These quilts are definitely about “throwing it all in” and having fun with it.

    BTW, just made your Black Forest Tort recipe this weekend and hubby loved it!! Thanks for sharing!

  10. I think that too much sashing gives a terribly compartmentalized effect. Your compromise idea of a big group in the center of all the merry mayhem relieved by a wide red border, then a border of blocks ending in red binding is the BEST! Go for it! Vic in NH

  11. I like the idea of grouping them, then the red border, then grouping them again. I also like them all together – its kind of random crazyness!!! But wonderful!!

  12. I absolutely LOVE this quilt! A red sashing would look nice but I think it looks nice without it, too. What a fun birthday gift.

  13. I can see why your daughter might prefer it without the sashing. Have you thought about not sashing each block, but rather grouping 6 or more blocks together and sashing the groups of blocks? That might help it have an eye resting place, but also preserve the fun, craziness of the design. Also putting a sashing around her name would help it to be noticed. That’s my thought, however, if it comes down to it I would make it however it pleased the one for whom it is made.

  14. So after I made my comment, I realized someone else has already suggested it. I guess I should read the suggestions before commenting. =)

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