What Hubby’s Working On…

The crops are in at the farm so it’s time to work on improvement projects.  Summer’s are always that way for Hubby.  On the list this year….a total renovation of the cattle shed.

The shed typically houses just over 400 head of cattle.  It’s longer than the picture looks.  It was built in the early 90’s.  It’s had improvements along the way but this time it’s a big renovation.


About 4 years ago Hubby’s boss had a group of workers re-tin the roof…but LOOK.  It’s awful.  See all the holes? All of those little white spots on the ceiling are actually holes where the daylight is coming in.  The day light isn’t bad…the rain is bad.  With holes like that the cattle aren’t getting much comfort from the shed at all.

I still can’t believe that this tin is only 4 years old!!


Re-tinning the roof is on the agenda as is cement flooring.  The guys laid the first batch of cement.  More it to come.  There are still cattle who are using the facility to they are working on pouring one half at a time.  The cement provides for easier cleaning which in turn will keep the cattle cleaner too…cleaner cattle-less flies….happier cattle.


At the farm all of the cement that the cattle use is grooved.  It makes it less slippery.  When getting up from a laying position it helps cattle get up too.


Next week brings more cement pouring for Hubby…As much as he doesn’t like pouring cement he sure likes seeing the cattle happy and thriving….and that’s what Hubby is working on at the farm.

4 thoughts on “What Hubby’s Working On…”

  1. ..and I thought the holes in our roof were bad. Glad they are able to fix the shed and not have to replace it. It’s going to be nice when they’re done.

  2. Fascinating. I think the men working in the barn would appreciate no holes in the roof as well. Thanks for sharing.

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