What Grandma “Nea is Making: Pudding Pie

My daughter Kelli is blessed with a great mother-in-law. She lives close and is super supportive of Kelli and Jason and the kiddos. Her name is Renae but the kids call her Grandma ‘Nea. She does a lot of childcare for the kids, helps run errands, picks up or drops off the kids as needed, does the dishes, and a whole lot more. I could be more thankful that she’s there to help them.

The other day when she was over she made one of Jason’s favorites…and is apparently now Emmett’s favorite, Pudding Pie.

Kelli asked Renea for a few more directions…Renae said:

Scald the milk until it has a skin.

Beat eggs. Add sugar and dry ingredients.  Stir together.  Add to milk and let boil for one minute.  Add vanilla and let cool.

Renee made a graham cracker crust and then added sliced bananas and the pudding on top.  Jason ate half of it in one sitting….and Emmett attempted to eat the rest. 

She said that sometimes too, she will crush Oreos and then do the pudding on top with some more sprinkled crushed oreos on top.

What a cutie!!

I make this as well but only leave it as a pudding. I should try it this way once. I love all things bananas so banana cream is what I should make. Hmm.

Many thanks to Kelli and Grandma ‘Nea for sharing the recipe!!

10 thoughts on “What Grandma “Nea is Making: Pudding Pie”

  1. The pie sounds very good! Emmett is such a cutie! Kelli is very fortunate that she has such a wonderful mother-in-law and mother!! I hope you are having lots of fun at the retreat.

    1. Kate, Lovely comment.
      And Jo, Lovely post.
      I would like to add how heart warming to learn of aspects that triggered memories of my own family. 1st the use of Grandma with a personal name (or nickname) attached. It gives more meaning to the roll that person plays in the child’s life. 2nd the use of abbreviations which are clear when you know the code. Some young folks struggle when reading ‘old fashioned’ short hand in cooking. they need exposure and you gave it. 3rd just love the organic (as it actually occurs) way Jo posts her experience. P.S. Prayers for Jo and her circle of family and Besties.

  2. The pudding sounds delicious. I like that your grandson is eating and reading,
    ” Where the Wild Things Are”, at the same time.
    Good book and great starting reading at an early age.

  3. Renea Yarolim

    I read the title of this blog and then had to read it again. I was wondering how my grandkids would have known you. LOL My name is Renea and my oldest granddaughter started to call me Grandma Nea when she was 2 (she is now 24). I am now Grandma Nea to 13 wonderful grandchildren. So fun to know that there is another Grandma Nea in this world!!!

  4. Homemade pudding is the best! And being grandma Nea, even better!! Love my job!!! Thanks for all the kind comments Jo. Renee

  5. Pudding was an easy dessert when our kids were young. I love the idea of making a crust and adding crushed Oreos. That would make it fancy pudding.

  6. Teresa from Port Coquitlam, BC

    My grandma made chocolate puddings, the same recipe and added cocoa powder to it. I remember every time we visited us grandkids would start bugging her to make chocolate pudding saying pleeeeease. I swear she just waited till we asked a bunch of times then would make it, always with a huge smile on her face. A wonderful memory. Sometimes I’ve made it too and instead of vanilla extract added 1 tsp almond extract. Delicious. It was always so much better than boxed pudding when my grandma made hers. Thank you for reminding me.

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