What do you do with a Puppy Cat?

Over the weekend,our daughter Kelli was home to use my machine quilter.  She, of course, brought her beagle, Puppy Cat, with.  (yes…her dog’s name is Puppy Cat)  She also brought me a gift.  Two little evergreen trees to go with my Christmas houses.  Last time Puppy Cat was at our house she chewed one of the trees so Kelli bought me some new ones.

Kelli and I were upstairs working on the quilt….Puppy Cat was downstairs hanging out with my beagle Gracie and practicing destruction.


We had put up all the squeaky toys because Puppy Cat bites and bites and chews until the squeakers are removed from the toys.  We put up all the stuffed animals because Puppy Cat chews and chews until all the eyes and noses are removed from the stuffed animals.  We thought we had done a good job.  WRONG!

Puppy Cat found a stuffed animal and removed an ear.  Worse…she got a spool of my quilting machine thread that was sitting on the stairs.  UGH!  Yep.  That orange ball of mess in the photo is a spool of quilting thread.  It took me a bit, but I think I salvaged at least part of it.


Kelli was worried that I was made…but I’m not.  It’s just a stage….at least I hope it’s just a stage.  Thankfully Puppy Cat is has some good qualities…actually lots of good qualities.

5 thoughts on “What do you do with a Puppy Cat?”

  1. Our Fergus who is just 2 still will get into mischief if you are not paying attention to him. Good Luck. Keep things out of reach. Baby proof your home before puppycat arrives.

  2. Puppies unfortunately will be puppies. Mine is the same way – you can not leave anything around him unattended. His latest adventure was getting hold of a pop can and ingesting the pull tab. When he had surgery last week (neutering) he threw up after he woke up and that came out with everything else. Too bad they don’t know what is good to chew and what isn’t!

  3. our ivy is not quite a year old and she is quite a stinker about chewing things too. they outgrow it eventually… at least my other dogs have! good luck with her!

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