What Did Jo Buy??

So in last night’s blog post I kind of left you hanging…well not kind of. I totally left you hanging. I showed you all of the great stuff from the vintage sale I went to but I didn’t show you what I bought.

I got these cute little bears and the cross stitch piece they are sitting on. It’s red and black.

I also bought the cabinet they are sitting in…but which one is it? I showed you so many in last night’s post.

It’s…it’s this one…

I bought something for a completely different area…or at least I thought it would be for a different area.

This is an old pie display case. It was $85. I just loved it and really hoped it would work either on top of pump organ or on top of my roll top desk. I tried it both places and the pump organ won out.

It was really dusty and dirty so it took me about an hour to clean it. If you look on the right side you can see the wood is dry, dirty and needs attention. You can see on the left it looks so much better. You can really see it if you compare the left bottom corner to the right.

You’ll never believe me when I say I toned the wood by generously rubbing mayonnaise (yes people’s food mayonnaise) into the wood.

Here is a start to my decorating it up. I am so in love with this. Doesn’t it look like they were made to go together?

I have a couple of ideas more of what I want to do but it’s on hold until someone comes and can hold a few pictures in place for me to see if that’s how I actually want it to go. Sadly in doing this, it’s pulled apart a few other areas in the house that were previously decorated. HA!

…and to do what I think I want to do, other places are going to look even more bare. So…I’m debating on doing it now and having bare spaces or waiting until I have a few things for the soon-to-be bare spots. So many decisions.

In the meantime, this was the right decision. I’m so glad I was brave and just bought it.

25 thoughts on “What Did Jo Buy??”

  1. Judith Fairchild

    Beautiful setup!!!! The wood of the organ and cabinet match perfectly. Does the pump organ still work? I got to play on one a long time ago. It was interesting how much work it was to play. 3cheers for your choice.!!!!

  2. That looks great, Jo! You always find wonderful antique/vintage items—wish we had a shop like that near here. I too am interested in that beautiful organ—do you play?

  3. I love it – it’s perfect and fits you to a T. And that “K” – what a find! Those bears are cute too – they look handmade.
    Love and Prayers

  4. Mary Ann Mettler

    Cute to a tea. Love those bears! Great choices indeed! I think the grandkids will love to play with these bears also. You make things so interesting and fun! I feel the bare places in your house will be filled with just as nice creations.

  5. Wowo! Another great find! It looks like it has always been there. I really like how you set it up. I am sure you will soon be able to fill any bare spots in your decorating you caused by moving things. It really looks great! I really like your decorating style.

  6. I didn’t notice this cabinet was sitting on a table at the shop. I thought it was a floor display! It looks perfect on top of the pump organ and your treasures look so at home in and on it. But that is what your house is all about… creating a home that you and your family love to gather in.
    Can’t wait for the next decorating update! Kris
    PS: I thought for sure the little red table would be going home with you!

  7. From Joanne. I had those bears in my hand. So glad u got them you have a great knack for decorating. I enjoy all your posts. I send my prayers to u for a quick recovery and good news to follow. J

  8. I guess this means either the little red table still there or someone else got lucky! The cabinet is perfect on the organ!

  9. Not the one I thought you would get but you are right, it’s perfect for the pump organ! So glad you bought it, looks great there!

  10. Love the cabinet and you found the perfect place for it. I spent part of the day cutting fabric for the S’mores quilt. I also basted a quilt that I made probably ten years ago. Hopefully will finish that this weekend. It isn’t so bad starting a new project if I finish a UFO is it? Happy quilting.

  11. What a lovely, lovely sight to behold! Yes, they surely do look like they were made for each other. The organ is just beautiful! Oh My! It’s perfect!! I guessed right last evening when I chose the piece you brought home – I would have chosen that one too! I loved seeing all the pictures you took of the sale. Thank you!

  12. They fit together perfectly and who knew you should use mayo to clean and replenish old dry wood. I love how it gives you so much space to showcase lots of smalls on those shelves. Great find, glad you brought it home.

  13. Ya know, I almost guessed that piece when I looked through the photos for the second time, but I was so sure that red table would win! Any regrets that it didn’t come home with you? But then, it was probably lead paint, yikes!

  14. I adore the cupboard and your arrangement! Good purchase. The picture of the man and woman praying in the field, I too have. Your frame is much nicer than mine.

  15. That is gorgeous, Jo! Great choice! I would use this wall as your next wall to fill with cross-stitched pieces. Your other wall is full now and looks great. It is already beautiful with what you have around it.

  16. I really love that cabinet that you bought! I would have bought it too if I had the space and there was a shop like that near me. That was not a bad price at all. The mayonnaise that you used on the cabinet though – wouldn’t that attract insects?

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