What a WINDY DAY!!

I mentioned earlier in a blog post that we had gotten a note from American Patchwork and Quilting that said:

American Patchwork & Quilting magazine is marking its 25th Anniversary this year. As part of our celebration of the anniversary, will be curating a quilt show at Fall 2018 Quilt Market and Festival of cover quilts from our 25 years of the magazine. 
Your quilt that was on the February 2018 issue made our short list of favorites from the past 25 years. We were hoping you would be willing to rent it to us to be displayed in the quilt exhibit.”

We were so excited.  I immediately forwarded the note to Carla of Longarm Quilting Inspirations.  She was our longarmer on the project and now the owner of the quilt.  Kelli and I gifted to her after we got it back from the magazine.  It was Carla’s work that made the quilt so we felt it was only right that she had it.


We were all honored and happy to have our quilt recognized in such a way.

The shipping instructions read that the quilt needed to be there by May 4th.  The quilt wouldn’t return until November.  Well Carla had the idea that we really should get our picture taken with the quilt before we ship it out and Kelli and I agreed.

We didn’t have many days to choose from and thankfully Carla and I have much more flexible schedules…so the only day Kelli had free…Monday, March 30th.  UGH.  It was the windiest day EVER!  I did childcare during the day and then the pictures were set to take place at 5ish.  Here’s a picture Kelli and I took of ourselves in the afternoon.  We couldn’t get a picture of us without the wind and hair in our faces.

I had no idea how it was going to work.  I thought it was foolish to even try but if you know Carla, she’s determined and her determination paid off!  We did get some pictures….although a few are quite hilarious.  Our idea was to hang a clothesline between our porch pillars and clip the quilt to that.

First Kelli was standing on a chair trying to do it….then Kalissa came and she was tall enough to pin without a chair.

We had Carver helping too….notice my hand at the front of the quilt?  I’m holding it so the wind doesn’t whip it.

Neighbor Girl ended up coming over and she watched Carver….

It was terrible.  The wind kept whipping the quilt and the pins would come loose.

Then Craig came.  He held one side of the quilt…Kalissa the other.  The pins didn’t work.  On a normal day they will but not this day.  We got a couple good ones….see?

and a couple crazy ones…see?

How fun!!  We laughed and laughed.

You might wonder who is behind the camera.  No one.  Carla has a nice 35mm camera that has a timer on it.  Carla continually had to run back and forth to reset the timer.  Poor Craig and Kalissa had to hold the quilt all that time.  Their arms were killing them…but they were both good sports.

In the photo above you can see my arm flicked out to hold the quilt in place because of the wind.

Carla was going to do a little cropping and sprucing to get a little less of the house and Craig’s old truck.  Hopefully that will make it all better.

What a fun time…

Carla ended up staying and we chatted for a long time.  That doesn’t always happen and I appreciate that time.  Carla is a super hard worker who is always busy.  Speaking of busy, she just finished up a quilt made from our pattern done by this blog reader.  AMAZING!  The request was to quilt it just as Carla did ours.  WOW!  Carla does such great work.  Carla is always taking pictures and posting them on her Facebook page.  I love seeing what she’s working on.  You can follow her Facebook page here.

This wonderful quilt has brought us lots of fun times…from the designing to the naming…to the sewing to the fun we had today.  It crazy.  We never know where a quilt will take us.

The quilt made it to the post office the next day.

It’s on it’s next leg of it’s journey.  If anyone goes to the show in Houston this fall…PLEASE send us pictures.  We’ll only be there in spirit.

15 thoughts on “What a WINDY DAY!!”

  1. I love that quilt!!! It is on my bucket list!!! That was so sweet of you and Kelli to gift the quilt to Carla!

  2. It is a beauty and on my list, Congratulations to all 3 of you! I love that the quilt now belongs to Carla, what a wonderful friendship you share. I have enjoyed her blog also and seeing her work on all those quilts.

  3. Ohhh, I had to chuckle. Love the first picture of you in the wind. Since we live in the Red River Valley, we are also WINDY, so I can relate to that wind.

    Beautiful quilt and ladies!! Congratulations to all! What fun.

  4. Your quilt was absolutely lovely. Beyond my amount of patience though. You did get some nice pictures. What an honor to be selected a favorite over 25 years! Congratulations!

  5. Joyce Mrachek

    Congratulations to all three. What a great honor and so much talent. I tried to get the magazine but no luck. Do you know where I can get a copy of the pattern?

  6. The quilt is GORGEOUS! I bought the magazine and this quilt is on my to do list. How wonderful to be recognized and have your quilt at the Quilt Market. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Congratulations!! Such an honor! This is such a gorgeous quilt, probably my all-time favorite of the many beautiful ones you have made so far!; I made sure to get a copy of the magazine as soon as it came out so I would have the pattern. If I can make it, I’ll be sure to have Carla quilt it too! I’m going to bookmark her website. Thanks for all you do.

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