What a Weekend!!

I had the best weekend.

Friday Kalissa was so good and volunteered to take care of the childcare kids after 1pm so Kelli and I could go to Cedar Rapids and meet up with Buck and Jen to go to the Rod Stewart concert.  I’ve been excited to go ever since we heard he was coming and bought tickets.  I’ve been a long time fan even back into my high school days.

Kelli and I ended up traveling through the Amish community on the way having a fun afternoon then we were on to Cedar Rapids.  Once there we found we had a little extra time to kill so I asked if Kelli would mind going to the mall to see if I could find a dress for Kalissa’s wedding.  I had a dress here but just wasn’t happy with it.  It just wasn’t formal enough.

A few weeks earlier on of my childcare kids had come wearing the cutest little dress.  I laughed and said I wanted one just like it and would wear it for Kalissa’s wedding….well I found something really close.  It’s like this only black.

It’s not super formal but I LOVE the dress.  I have NEVER in my entire life found a dress that I like as much as this.  It’s not all “mother of bride” like but I’m okay with that…I’ll be comfortable that’s the best part to me.  I will for sure be keeping this dress and wearing it again.  I love it that much.

Next problem was shoes.  I have terrible trouble with shopping and finding dresses…my trouble with shoes is about 10 times that.  I have wide feet.  Really wide feet.  Add to that I need a 10 or 11.  My feet are very not feminine too.  We were running out of time but we decided we would shoot the loop and see if the mall had anything to work.  No to Yonkers, Famous Footwear, and Payless…I asked if any other shoe stores were in the mall and was told Von Maur.

We went in and amazingly I found shoes!!!!!!!  I actually like them.  This NEVER happens when it come to dress shoes.

I am so-so happy.  I know the outfit is a little more cocktail dress like but I’m all okay with that…I am just happy.  NEVER have I worn anything I like so much.

45 minutes in the mall and I had shoes and a dress.  This is my kind of shopping!!!

We were off to Buck and Jen’s, then supper at Granite City then onto the concert.

I LOVED the concert.  Rod Stewart was great.  He put on a wonderful show that, if you’re a fan, I highly recommend.  From there we left Buck and Jen and stopped at Walmart.  By the time I shut the lights off it was well past 1:30 am.

Saturday I was off to the Amish community to pick up peaches and over to Oelwein to check on some retreat details.  Then home and on to the sewing room.

Sunday Hubby and I celebrated our 29th wedding anniversary.  It was the perfect day simple and only us.  Church, out to lunch and home with a little bit of lazy time and a little but of work time.  PERFECT…it was a perfect weekend all around…I am a little afraid it’s the calm before the storm of this coming week…it’s retreat week! BUSY-BUSY-BUSY!!

8 thoughts on “What a Weekend!!”

  1. Like the dress. Can’t wait for pictures. I have the opposite problem with shoes; I wear a 5 1/2! And dress shoes always end up hurting!

  2. Debbie Leschisin

    Really great dress and shoes! Perfect combination! I have been shopping for my son’s wedding. It is September 5th in Madison, WI. I finally found perfect dress, feels good, feel I look good in it. Found shoes but not nearly as cute as the ones you purchased! I am worried about comfort. Going prepared with an extra pair if my feet get sore later in the day. Thanks for sharing! I do bet that Rod Stewart would put on a good show! Great music.

  3. I love the dress! I also love Rod Stewart. Last saw him about four years ago, but, alas, he isn’t playing in L.A. any time soon. One can only hope . . . .

  4. Love your dress and shoes. Happy anniversary to you both. Glad you had fun this weekend. Have fun this week…..

  5. That will be a wonderful outfit, do wear the shoes a few times around the house & yard to break them in a little before the wedding. Can’t wait to see pictures!

  6. Stephani in N. TX

    Great shoes and dress. You will be a pretty MOB. Wishing you a good time with the retreat. Between you and your daughter, Bonnie, and the crowd, I’m sure it will be memorable. Have fun!

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