What a Day..babies, quilt shops and McDonalds…oh my!

Saturday was the best day!  It’s the best day that I’ve had in a LONG time!!

I hadn’t felt the greatest on Friday and had been a little worried I was getting the flu.  It ran through childcare last week and to date, I haven’t had it yet.  I did have a bit of a stomach ache but honestly, I likely did that to myself.  I get paranoid that I’m going to get it and then I think I psych myself into getting a stomach ache.  UGH.  I started doing a few things around the house “in case I go the flu”.

Then I got a message that our son Buck and Lora were at the hospital to have the baby!  The second my phone made any noise I was jumping up and running….I was so anxious.

That’s when I decided to go to town.  I needed groceries and meds.  I figured I better do it now while I wasn’t sick (just in case I got sick)  UGH.  Well on my way to town my phone dinged and I decided to pull over and read the message.

BABY GIRL!!  They had decided not to find out so we were all anxious to know.


A few minutes later we got another message…  8lbs 4oz 20″ Lucille Louise Elizabeth Kramer.  A little while later one of our girls asked Buck what they were going to call her…Lucy?  Lucille?  Buck wrote back..”Lumber Lucy, fastest framer this side of the Mississippi”.  Oh my, poor girl.  Her dad will have her swinging a hammer before she’s one!!

It was so cute.  She’ll like be Lucy.  There is something awesome about seeing your husband be a father.  About the only thing that tops it is seeing your son be a dad!

I’m guessing you want to see a picture….Here she is.Lucy

Hubby and I are waiting a few days before we go.  We want to make sure we are totally flu free….

I was on a high as I went through town doing my errands….  Wal-Mart was first up.  Check out this quilt puzzle….I didn’t buy it.  I’m too busy making quilts to do puzzles, but I do love doing them.


From there I went on my thrift store run…

I met a blog reader at the first stop.  That was fun to be recognized.  I let her in on the family news early telling her about the new baby.  From there the next thrift store and boy oh boy, I hit the shirt jack pot!!


There are 34 shirts.  They were having a bag sale.  $20 brought all of these home!!  They are boxed up already and are headed to Niagara Falls to Mary.  I met Mary back when we did the first Bonnie Hunter retreat.  She was so fun.  We’ve since reconnected…and I’m so glad I found shirts for her.  She said I find so much better shirts than her.  I laughingly told her well we’re in the Midwest.  We still actually wear plaid shirts!!

I also got a haul of over 300 Dulpo Legos for $14…that’s a steal plus a few other goodies.

I heard there was a new thrift store in town so had to check it out.  I think they are a consignment store instead.  The prices where more spendy.  On one side of the store was new clothes.  Check out this jumper….


…and these pants.  They are all made from upcycled sweaters.  WOW.  Aren’t they adorable???


I found some new shoes there for Carver.  He’s at that stage where it’s hard to keep shoes on him.  He gets one lost and we can’t find it!!  It’s been miserable.

From there I decided to head down to the quilt shop.  I wanted to make one of those gauze blankets for the new baby Lucy.  I had wanted to before but didn’t know if it was a boy or girl so waited.  Well now I knew.  I ended up roaming the store.  I ended up buying one of these patterns to make wood quilt blocks.  I should have gotten a better picture of it.  It’s way to the left and half cut off.  I bought the pattern thinking that would be fun to do if Connie came one day.  I was sure Hubby would make the boards up for us.  Connie gets me into things I wouldn’t normally be brave enough to try.


Check out the white, yellow and teal quilt block mosaic board.  I LOVE it.  the blocks are in a tray but can be lifted, turned and placed to make quilt blocks.  Well I want it for my childcare.  I really wanted it BUT…it was over $40.  Um…no.   I’m going to have Hubby make me one with a 1 by 3.  I want to make extra blocks of extra colors.  I think my older kids will really like this.  It makes a 12″ block.

The other thing I loved was this cow quilt.  I don’t know if quilt is quite the right word.  It’s actually more like a piece of art wall hanging.  The company that does these is Fiberworks.  It supposed to made with Steam a Seam 2.  It made it really heavy and stiff.  That part..I didn’t love.  I want to actually make it as a quilt to be used so I am trying to think of a way to do that…as is, it’s too stiff.  BUT I loved it too much not to give it a try.  Worst case scenario I bought some expensive reading material.  Best case I actually make it!  I sure hope I make it!


When it came time to pick out my gauze and minky to make the baby blanket.  UGH.  They didn’t have the color of minky I wanted or matched.  UGH.  I thought…oh well…back to Wal-Mart I go.  In the meantime Kayla figured out I was in town and asked if I’d look for an air popcorn popper for her…that meant back to the first thrift store.

On the way there was a garage sale.  I can’t believe there was on in December.  The weather was so nice.

I ended buying a Hawaiian Moomoo for 25 cents for Kayla.  Her school has lots of dress up days and I thought for 25 cents she might like it.


I also got these two pieces of fabric….25 cents each!  There is over 6 yards of the white based one and it’s 54″ fabric.  SCORE…the other red has 2 yards worth.  SCORE again!!


Back to the thrift store…no air popper..onto Wal-Mart.  I found something but not what would work but I decided to get the light pink and go back to the quilt shop.  The only problem….the gal that was cutting my fabric was having a terrible time with the pricing gun.  It would coordinate with the printer.  I finally asked if the printer had power…nope.  So more working and configuring.  In the meantime, a lady came to the cutting counter and asked if I was Kelli’s mom.  It turns out that her husband works with Kelli but recently had a medical condition.  We ended up talking for a long time…partly with the gal cutting fabric and partly with each other.  I could have easily gotten mad or crabby and missed out on all of that.  I likely waited 20-25 minutes for the lady to finally figure it out.  She was fretting and fretting so finally I went around the counter and gave her a hug.  I bet that doesn’t happen often to Wal-Mart employees.

So back to the quilt shop I went.  I found the fabric I needed right away.  I also ran into someone I knew.  I hadn’t been the kindest to her before.  Her son was terrible to one of my daughters during high school.  Being my day had been going so well I was in a fabulous mood and was chatting with her.  In the conversation she said that her son wasn’t easy to live with and she wasn’t anxious for him to come home.  In the conversation I felt like she was trying to acknowledge the inappropriate behavior that happened to one of my daughters.  That made me feel so much better and truly lifted my grudge.  Isn’t it crazy that sometimes all we need in life is to be acknowledged?…I didn’t need a sorry…acknowledgement really helped.

I left on a happy high.  From there…I realized it was LATE!  I had been in town for EIGHT hours.  WHAT??  No wonder I was happy.  I ended up going through the drive thru and you’ll never guess!!  The person in front of me paid for my food!!!  I received a random act of kindness.  How sweet!!  I’ve paid for the person’s meal in the drive thru before as a random act of kindness but I never received one before.  It was the coolest….So I ended up digging in my purse, pulled out a $20 bill and handed it to the drive thru attendant and told him to keep it going!!!

From there I was FINALLY on my way home.  Kalissa called and reminded me that I Carver was coming over so they could go to Craig’s work Christmas party.  So I got home, started putting groceries away and soon Carver came…Buck called all is well…he sounds so happy.  What a blessing that is.  It was almost two years ago that he got a divorce.  I was so hoping life could turn around for him and I think it really has.  Lora is so good for him…and I think Lucy is going to have a charm all her own.

So my Saturday…December 2nd 2017 is one of the best days I’ve ever had.  I’m going to try really hard to keep it going.  I reflected on the day trying to figure out, besides Lucy’s birth, what made it so good.  I think one of the main things is I slowed down and was present.  Too often I’m busy looking at the next thing and not being present where I am at.  I think, at times, I need to be looking ahead-Especially during childcare.  That prevents LOTS of accidents and saves sanity on my part to keep my juggling act going but I need to turn that off more often and be present in the moment.

Look at little Lucy…she’s already teaching her grandma something…and as for when we’re going to meet her…we’re waiting a few days.  We want to make sure we aren’t sick.  What a wonderful day!!

If you’re looking for my regular stash report…come back later today.  I’ll have it then.

34 thoughts on “What a Day..babies, quilt shops and McDonalds…oh my!”

  1. What a day you had! December 2 is my late mother’s birthday. She was an Iowa girl, born in Palo Alto County, so I’ve been thinking about her and about Iowa all day. And our son-in-law, who lives clear across the country, is in town on business and took us to dinner. A good day for me, too.

  2. Congratulations to you & your family Jo! What a wonderful gift for Buck & Lora during this Christmas Season! Aren’t grandchildren the best!

  3. Congrats on your new granddaughter! She’s awfully cute! Glad that you enjoyed your day so much and I hope you guys avoid the flu.

  4. What a lovely day! What a wonderful new blessing! Babies are precious, especially a new grandbaby! Congratulations!

  5. Congratulations on the new granddaughter! Can’t wait to see the baby quilt. I also purchased the Cow pattern a few months ago. It’s in my someday pile.

  6. Congratulations on new granddaughter. I’ve been reading your comments about the flu. There is much on the news here that the ‘formula’ for this year’s shot didn’t get it right and only 10% covered. RATS! I guess I will be in the house often and doing MORE quilting. But in the mail a quilt magazine and inside one of your quilts……..very good day on that. Keep blogging and finding bargains and I love hearing about ‘neighbor girl’ a lot too.

  7. I’ve got the I Love Lucy theme song in my head! Congrats on the new addition to the family. You and Lucy will be celebrating your birthdays together if I remember right. Lovely early present.

  8. I’m so jealous. Little Lucy is too cute for words. I don’t have any granddaughters, just 2 grandsons that I love to bits. And one of them QUILTS– just like his Mum, and Grandmum, and Great-grandmum, and Great-great-grandmum and Great-great-great-grandmum. He shared some of the same memories of his childhood that I had from mine–sitting on the floor looking up at the quilt Grandmum was working on. (The only diff was I remember my Great-grandma working across from my Grandmum.) Boys are wonderful, but you can’t make cute, frilly little clothes for them. Ah well, maybe I’ll get a great-granddaughter some day to spoil with little frilly things.

  9. Thank you for your beautiful post, and congratulations on the birth of beautiful Lucy. It is up to each of us to get out of the day what we put into it. I try to reflect on my day when I go to bed at night in hopes that I made someone’s day better. Some days are better than others but in this Advent Season I will bring JOY to those around me.

  10. Kristy Wilkinson

    Congratulations Jo! What a wonderful day of joy, sharing and fun. You do need to slow down sometimes and just be. So glad you got to do that. Enjoy your newest grandchild. I love your newest pattern in Quiltmaker. Thanks for all you share here on your blog. I look forward to reading your twice daily posts. K-

  11. A new granddaughter…how wonderful. More spoiling then sending the baby home. We love doing that with the granddaughters (2 for this household!).

  12. December 2nd is MY birthday, too! My oldest granddaughter’s birthday is December 4th, two days after mine, so we always celebrate together. I had a great aunt named Lucille. When I was little, everyone (no matter if she was their aunt or not) called her “Aunt Lucille”. I heard it as Antlaseal, so I was really surprised when I got older and learned that her name was actually Lucille, and not Antlaseal!

  13. Hi Jo,
    What a blessing today was for you. Congratulations on the birth of your new Granddaughter! Glad you had such a wonderful day!

  14. Congratulations on the addition of Lucy to your family…such a precious little one. I have seen the cow quilt made up and it is wonderful. The one I saw also had three generations of cattle brands included in the top. I thought that was cool.

  15. Congratulations on your beautiful Granddaughter, Lucy! I have six Grands, but only one girl, also my second like yours. She is now 9 years old and such a treasure! All my Grands are awesome, but there’s something about that single girl! Blessings on the new family, and you!

  16. Congrats on that wonderful new granddaughter. And Carver has a new cousin…bet he will be fascinated by her. Since you were having such a great day did you stop and buy a lottery ticket? Who knows what might have happened with that. I hardly ever buy one. Even when my luck seems to be running really good I never think of it until much later.

  17. Congrats on the new addition to the family. Happy to hear she arrived safe & sound. RE: the cow quilt. I’m not familiar with Seam a Steam 2 specific qualities, but if you’re looking to fuse two different fabrics together (like fusible applique technique) but still have it be flexible, I suggest the product MistyFuse. You’ll probably need to order it online. I live in Twin Cities, MN and have never seen it in a store here.

    Again, congratulations on Lucy’s arrival.

  18. What a wonderful day. So exciting to have a new grandbaby, both for you to have in person and us to follow on the blog. It is fascinating to see how being in a good mood can spread, almost like a flashlight beam into the darkness.

  19. So, I’ve taken a class from Laura Heine, creator of Fiberworks (your cow quilt). She is an amazing artist. You really WANT to use Steam A Seam 2. The reason why, is that it is re-positionable. You can press down the pieces with just your hand, and then decide you don’t like them and move them around. When you press them with the iron, they become permanent, but until then you can move everything. Yes, there are other things you can use that are softer (mistyfuse comes to mind), but the replacing is a big deal when working with her patterns. Plan to spend a lot of time cutting out fabrics and auditioning pieces.

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