We’ve Been Picked!!

You might remember a bit ago Hubby and I were on “date” and picked up this big old cabinet.  We had originally thought he’d fix it up and use it the garage…but the piece was a monster and MUCH bigger than we thought we could deal with.  It’s about the heaviest thing we’ve ever moved.  We unloaded it and there it sat.

I told Hubby what we did with it was up to him.  It wasn’t coming in the house was my only in put.  He decided we should sell it.  So we put it on a couple for sale groups with no biters.  We finally ended up contacting a couple that has an antique shop in LaPorte City, IA.  The name of their shop is Hoppy’s Primitive and Proper.  We asked it they would be interested.  I sent them a couple pictures of a few other pieces we had too.  They said they were interested and would “pick our garage” when they came if that was okay with us.

They came and decided to take the big gray.

We had to call Craig to help with the heavy lifting.

They bought quite a few things so the “big gray” had to stand for the trip.

Oh, she’s a heavy thing….

Then they picked a few more pieces.  Remember this piece?  The one from my spooky drive?  Remember?

Even Carver got in on the “picking”.
We chatted with them for quite awhile.  They have a lot of people who “pick” for them….but they are “picked” by others.

If you’re ever watching “Fixer Uppers” and Joanna Gaines has gone antiquing you might remember that she goes to “Round Top”.  Well a lady who shows at Round Top buys pieces from Hoppy’s and takes them there.  I doubt any of our pieces would ever end up there but it’s fun to wonder where they might go and who might love them.

So…it’s all a whole racket…the pickers buy and they get picked and they get picked and they get picked….and eventually the price goes sky high and finally it gets so someone’s home.  This explains why sometimes things are so high priced in some antique stores.  We don’t get premium money for things by selling this way but it is nice to be able to off a piece like the “big gray”.  We did make money from it but not big money…and that’s okay.  We aren’t doing our scavenging to make money…we’re doing it to as a hobby.  I keep telling Hubby I just want to make enough money on a piece so we can go out to eat!!

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  1. I was looking forward to seeing what you did with that cabinet! You had previously said maybe removing the lattice and adding glass! Someone will enjoy redoing it!

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