We’re in Quiltmaker!!

The new issue of Quiltmaker should be hitting the news stands (or your mailbox soon).


When is does, page through to page 34.  There you will see a quilt that is from Kelli and I, Cinder Blocks.


It’s not often that Kelli and I do a two color quilt but this time around we did.  I had seen an add in add for Pottery Barn or some place like that featuring a coverlet type throw.  I looked at it and looked at it again wondering if we could recreate the design in fabric.  After playing at the computer for a little bit I discovered that we could.

Kelli, of course, thought we should try to make it up in miniature…I said no and won.  We debated on coloring…We knew it needed to we two color but didn’t know if we wanted two solid colors or two prints.  I said two solids and Kelli agreed.  Then which two color to pick was the next issue.  Kelli said let’s do gray and white as so many people are decorating with gray lately…it’s the new neutral color.  So gray and white it was.

Of course we went with Moda for the solid fabrics using their Bella Solids line.

The quilt features lots of strip piecing so it really comes together quickly.  Kelli cut and sewed it over a two day period in early May at the same time we were frantically trying to chase the deadline for our book, Country Girl Modern.

There are lots of other fun projects in the magazine so make sure to check it out!

Today I am thankful for my siblings and their kiddos.  It’s great that for me they are not only family but friends too.  Most of my family lives in southern Minnesota in towns close to our hometown, New Richland.  About six weeks ago Kelli and I were heading that way.  I put a note on Facebook telling my family we’d be in Waseca at 7 pm at my favorite restaurant ever El Molino’s.  Did anyone what to come and meet us?

Lots came..no one had to come.  No one was under any obligation and could have easily passed the whole event but they did come.  I was so happy to see and get to visit with them all.  I have to say, we’re all a little bit of a quirky bunch.  Hardly any of us do just one job.  My brothers have regular jobs and own rental property on the side….some of their kids do to.  All of us siblings love old and sentimental things.  All of us are thrifters and love a good deal.  All the way home Kelli and I chatted about the fun we had visiting.  It’s so nice to catch up.

Some of the best times I have (besides with my own kids) are with my extended family.   I think the world of them and am so happy that they’re not just my family but my friends too.  Today I am thankful for my extended family.

8 thoughts on “We’re in Quiltmaker!!”

  1. El Molino is my favorite Mexican restaurant! I don’t get there as often as I like, I may have to plan a trip to Waseca just to eat there.

  2. I can hardly wait to see Cinder Blocks! Love the colors that you chose…and I know that it is a pattern that I will want to make!

  3. I DEFINITELY want to make this quilt. It is beautiful and has a feminine, kind of doily look. I love, love, love, love, love it so much!

  4. LOVE your Cinder Block quilt design — great job girls!! Can’t wait to get my issue of Quiltmaker magazine in the mail.

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