We’re in Quiltmaker!! AND GIVEAWAY

Before too long you should be able to see the new issue of Quiltmaker magazine either at your local news stand or if you are subscriber, you’ll find it in your mailbox or tablet if you have an e-scription.


We have a quilt or should I say quilts featured in the issue….The issue features “buddy” quilts where two quilts can me made from the same pattern.


For our project we got four jelly rolls from Moda’s Chantilly line.  We divided out the fabrics selecting 16 different prints for one quilt and 16 for the other.  We pulled those same 16 prints from each of the jelly rolls.  Then we made 4 huge, identical trip around the world blocks.  We put the four blocks together and had an entire quilt top.  Then we did it all over again to make the second quilt.  The quilts are great throws finishing at 64 inches square.

If you do this with jelly rolls, this can be so fun.  You can see from ours that we pulled more reds and teals for one version and more of the greens and purples for the second version.  If working with a jelly roll that has two colors, you will see a more dramatic change between the quilts.

Kelli and I had lots of fun making these.  They weren’t hard to make and it feeds Kelli’s love of  pinning.  You can easily make the quilt from your scrap bin or stash.  You just need four width of fabric strips that are 2 1/2″ from 16 different prints to make one quilt.  If you’re using scraps you can easily throw in a fabric or two that you just want to use up.  It can hide among your pretty fabric in the quilt.

If you want it bigger than 64″ square…easy, just add a couple borders.

But back to the issue….There are a couple other fun things…Isn’t that pincushion adorable??  I checked out the construction and it’s easier than it looks!

Of course there is Bonnie Hunter’s Addicted to Scraps column too.


There are more fun quilting project inside but you’ll have to check those out yourself.

Quiltmaker was wonderful and sent along two copies for me to giveaway to two of our readers.  Would you like it to be you??  If so, just leave a comment here telling if you make hand made Christmas presents..this issue is loaded with several ideas.  We’ll pick two winners sometime next week.

147 thoughts on “We’re in Quiltmaker!! AND GIVEAWAY”

  1. With 7 nieces and nephews, plus two of my own, I do try to make gifts. This year, everyone’s getting zippered bags in three sizes. Thanx for the giveaway.

  2. After spending 24 yrs married to a soldier, my friends are scattered. I always try to send them a little gift at Christmas. 2 yrs ago, I started maiming pot holders and small table toppers as a way to practice binding. I got 5sets made before I ran out of time. So last year I made 3 table runners for the last three friends who didn’t get any handmade gift the year before. I must say the last three were much better done the the first five! There’s nothing like practice!

  3. You and Kelli are showing up everywhere these days! Wow! Yes, I do make handmade Christmas gifts. All the grandkids got flannel pillowcases a few years ago, and I am in the process of five cross-stitch pictures for my daughters and DIL’s.

  4. Christmas?!? Late September brings the onslaught of family birthdays, so I’ve been busy sewing birthday presents, Halloween costumes, etc. November is for thinking about Christmas presents. ;)

  5. I really like your idea for the two quilts, wouldn’t that be fun Christmas gifts for my two daughter’s! Yes I love to sew for Christmas gifts. Always make someone a quilt and the granddaughter’s love to see what new things I’ve made for them. This year I will also make a little quilt for my new grand baby due on Christmas Eve!

  6. Congratulations on being featured in Quiltmaker! Your quilts are beautiful. I do try to make a lot of Christmas gifts, time permitting. Thanks!

  7. I love to see all the wonderful things you and Kelli come up with, As for Christmas gifts I always try to make some. I’ve made doll clothes, pajamas, pillowcases, Christmas tree skirts, bags, quilts, and many other things. You know you hit it right when, teenage grandsons are wearing the boxers you made last Christmas, are covering their cheeks with the low hanging pants.

  8. I love the quilts. So creative and unique. I make almost all of my Christmas gifts and just buy one or two things that my grown children wants like electronics. I can’t make those,lol

  9. great quilts , love it being shown in two different colors, as for hand made gifts this year for Christmas it well be pj pants and little girl dresses, and some hand knitted socks, last year I made a quilt for my mom , which she loves, but this year not enough time for making a quilt as a gift, but I do make all my gifts and they are all well received , Happy sewing to all

  10. Just about to start making a some ornaments to string together over the fireplace. No doubt my daughter will claim them. I am starting sooner than I usually do because I very often run out of time, leaving it too late in the season.

    Thanks for the chance to win. Love your blog, especially keeping up with your progress at your new house.

  11. I love making stuff for Christmas! From crocheting, quilting and sewing, my kids and grandkids are excited to find out what I’m making every year (if I can keep it a secret!) If your random number picks me please sign my copy of the magazine!

  12. I’ve made things for Christmas presents in the past. Every year I think I’m going to make everyone something and then Christmas sneaks up on me and I run out of time. Love the quilts! Congratulations! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  13. Congratulations on being published in Quiltmaker! That is my favorite magazine. I usually try to make a few Christmas presents for Christmas either with fabric or cross stitch. Thanks for a chance to win a copy.

  14. Congratulations on getting your great idea published! The quilts are beautiful. I usually make all of my Christmas presents. This year I’m making cosmetic pouches. Thanks for the chance to win!

  15. For being a beginner of sewing, I made three quilts for each of the granddaughters for Christmas last year and this year the grandson gets his quilt. Made each a new pillowcase also. If it is not sewing it is a woodwork project that my husband makes. It is special if it is made by Grandma or Grandpa.

  16. I recently made Christmas quilts for each of my 3 children to use in their decorating. I haven’t started any projects for this year but homemade by Mom is always a treat.

  17. You and Kelli are so talented! Congratulations on being in the magazine . Yes, I do make Christmas gifts and really enjoy making special gifts for special people .

  18. Judy D in upstate NY

    I usually try to make some of my gifts. My grandson’s birthday is Dec. 19th so last year I made him a quilt and pillow cases for part of his combined birthday/Christmas gift. I think pillow cases might be on the lists this year!

  19. I”m making a ragg quilt for my little grandson this year. I’m a beginner so I am just starting out and I haven’t tried using jelly rolls yet. After seeing your lovely pattern I think I will have to try it!

  20. Thanks for the giveaway. Yes, I do make Christmas gifts. Last year I made each of my girls a very large flannel backed cuddle quilt that I quilted myself for the first time on my 11″ throat sewing machine. I was so proud of myself! I’ve also made quilted tote bags for the teachers in their favourite colours for the last few years. Knitting fingerless mitts is also a quick handmade present I’ve relied on.


  22. Hi, lovely quilts, Yes i do make Christmas gifts, last year we picked names and i picked my brother, so hard to buy for buti know he liked space invaders game as a kid so i made him a space invaders quilt! Of course i didn’t think of it early so i was scrambling to get it done by Christmas! This year friends are getting tote bags. I can’t seem to stay away from my sewing machine!

  23. I usually start out with lots of intentions of making handmade Christmas gifts, but then life gets in the way. Usually my kids and my mother are the lucky ones that get their gifts finished. Make-up bags and small purses and on the list this year for them. The supplies are here and waiting. Now I just need to get started. Oh wait, it’s not December 23rd yet! Plenty of time…….

  24. I do make handmade Christmas gifts, as does my hubby. My kids are of the age where that and gift cards are the best…..even grandkids are getting harder – their wants are getting so expensive – and I like to keep the meaning of Christmas, God, family going.

  25. Congratulations on your patterns being in this great Quiltmaker issue. You bet! I make all my Christmas gifts. Sometimes still stitching Christmas Eve and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Thanks for a chance.

  26. I used to make all my Christmas gifts but now everyone seems to enjoy gift cards better. That’s easier but not nearly as much fun or personal.

  27. Yes I do hand make Christmas gifts! In the past I’ve made coasters, table runners and fleece blankets, both tied and crocheted. My daughters (19 and 21) also make gifts for their friends: pillowcases, pajama bottoms, blankets and totes. I need to start thinking about what I will make this year….

  28. The two Of you did it again…another pair of beautiful quilts! I don’t generally make Christmas gifts unless someone particularly requests something, but this year I am making a series of holiday wall hangings for my sister.

  29. If you keep this up, I’ll have to dedicate a whole shelf for “magazines with Jo in them”, cause as soon as I hear about one I have to run out and buy that issue. Maybe I will win and save a run to the bookstore. ;-)

  30. Don’t enter me into the drawing as I get Quiltmaker in the mail. I just wanted to say Congratualtions on having your quilts in the magazine. And to answer your question on handmade gifts I always make them for Christmas. As the matter of fact, it’s become such a tradition that they are expected.

  31. Love the issue. Funny store about handmade Christmas presents… many years ago, I was trimming a handmade present with candlewicking. My future MIL came in and asked what I was doing. I showed her and her response was “I don’t think that’s one bit pretty.” Needless to say, she was a lady who spoke her mind. I still make handmade Christmas presents as gifts for those who appreciate them.

  32. i’ve already started a quilt for one of my Granddaughters. Need to do at least two. May do some tablerunners if I have time. Our house is on the market so much depends on when the house sells and I have to pack everything.

  33. Love the quilts. I already have one present done- a lap quilt from leftovers for my ladies club Xmas exchange. Still need to make something small of our Modern Quilt Guild, so ideas are always welcomed!

  34. I love to do Christmas gifts – it seems like I can do a smaller gift (tree skirt, ornament) and feel like it’s meaningful rather than always thinking I need to do a whole quilt!

  35. Congrats on making it into a great quilting magazine! Yes, I do make handmade gifts for Christmas. Last year I made festive potholders for my daughter’s music mentors and for my own grown up friends!

  36. Lovely quilts! I have made quilts as gifts in the past but wasn’t planning to make any this year. But this blog post inspired me! I need a gift for my sister-in-law this year (we draw names) and a country version of your Trip for Two would be perfect! Now I need to find some country colors. Thanks for another great post!

  37. I’ve made shopping bags, pillowcases, purses and quilts for Christmas gifts. haven’t thought of what to make this year but maybe this issue of Quiltmaker will provide some inspiration! Just gifted a quilt as a wedding presnet tho….

  38. I love handmade gifts and especially enjoy making them for Christmas too. I’m even hosting the Make It! A Handmade Christmas Challenge where everyone is invited to participate and I hope you will too! Would love to see your handmade Christmas items. Bet they are gorgeous as everything you make is always beautiful.


  39. I made Chirstmas presents for the first time last year, I made an apron and a tea cosy for my mum. I don’t currently have plans to make any this year.

  40. To me Christmas is all about handmade gifts. many years ago my sister and I vowed to only give gifts at Christmas that we had made ourselves. Some years are easier than others but we have both stuck to our vow. I would love to do your pattern in this issue to make q quilt for each of us from jelly rolls. She would me thrilled…me too!

  41. Yes, I do make handmade Christmas gifts. They are usually quilts or machine embroidered projects. Thanks for the chance to win this magazine. It may just be the nudge I need to get started.

  42. I not only make homemade Christmas gifts, I make handmade gifts all year long. I also LOVE TO RECEIVE handmade gifts. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  43. Bobbie Bentneedle

    Almost exclusively – and since I was a kid… Some years are baked, some canned, some sewn… Would love to win the mag with some fresh ideas!

  44. That’s a great plan for a quick quilt. The colors are fun, too. I make pajamas for my family every year. I’m working on some quilts, too, for some. Thanks.

  45. I don’t make as many gifts as I’d like. Every year as the kids get older I have a bit more time to devote to sewing/quilting.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  46. I make handmade Christmas gifts every year. Recipients include family, teachers, principals, lunchroom workers and more. It’s one sure way of making sure the gift I give them is not a “duplicate” of what someone else got them!

  47. I love the quilt! My siblings and I each have a trip around the world quilt from my late grandma and this would be a neat gift to make for them! I have made some homemade gifts in the past, but usually by the time I think of ideas it’s too late! Hopefully I’ll get an earlier start this year!

  48. I belong to two satellite groups and make gifts for each one. It is a challenge sometimes to find a unique gift to make and this would be wonderful. Thank you for the chance.

  49. I do make Christmas gifts. I just finished knitting a scarf for my MIL and have mittens started for a niece. There will be a new quilt for the husband too, if I get myself in gear. :)
    I do love Trip Around the World quilts, I’ve made two and will make more.

  50. Of course I make homemade presents! I’ve been doing it for over 40 years now- quilts, cross stitch, decoupage, toys, bracelets, crochet… There’s something special about getting something made with love especially for you!
    Thank you for sharing all of your handiworks with us- lots of inspiration!!

  51. I try to make something handmade every year for Christmastime. I would love to give everyone in my family a nice big beautiful quilt – but one at a time :)

  52. Dont give many Xmas presents but have a quilt group retreat in Feb. where I make something for everyone each year. This year they all get coffee mug mugrugs. All are done and in a bag. I also have two heart table runners for the organizers. Love your blog and house building progress notes.

  53. Yes – I have been doing the stash busting process, so each of my 5 grandchildren received a throw of 2 1/2″ squares? All had a different style of setting squares to be sure all could call it their own. Their parents were told these are to use & love. This year my nieces will receive personalized crayon bags.

  54. I have always made Christmas gifts….my family always considered a gift so much more if I made it….and I had little money for gifts, so it was just something I did….all those years ago I don’t know that my gifts were the same level, but my Mother and Aunt always made me feel like I had made the most special item ever…..even little macramé tree ornaments…..Last year I made my nieces table runners…..

  55. Congratulations on being in Quiltmaker. I love seeing a pattern made up twice in different fabrics. It’s amazing how different they can look. I’ve been making Christmas gifts since last Christmas, ready for this year! Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  56. Yes, I love to make homemade Christmas gifts. Last year I made my granddaughter a chef hat, apron and mitt. I already have a request for a sock monkey hat this year.

  57. Love your quilt design! I usually make a few Christmas gifts depending on work demands pre-holiday. Looks like a fun and quick pattern to use for my SIL. Thanks for the opportunity to take a look at the magazine!

  58. The last couple of years I have made table runners. Hoping to make curling iron covers and bags this year. Your quilts are very different with the different color ways. Love them both.

  59. I have already started making Christmas presents for my family and friends, so it would be nice to see some new ideas of things I could make for them. And well done for your entries into the magazine :)

  60. Some years I make Christmas gifts. About 3 years ago I made quilts for my husband, daughter, son-in-law, two grand daughters, grand son and two special people I love very much. My sister helped me with these. I would love to win a copy of your magazine.

  61. I always make hand made gifts and I should seriously start getting my act together and prepare soon!! This year I was thinking about making personal Christmas stockings that are also decorative… I even found a cute paw pattern for our dog!!! Lol
    Congrats on being published in Quiltmaker

  62. I can’t wait to get my mag in the mail. I have 6 grandkids so I make doll clothes, boys’ clothes and quilts for each of them.

  63. I’ve been working on some special projects for each of my grandchildren – quilts, counted cross stitch and crochet. The idea is that I will always be with each of them. kathleendotlutzatcomcastdotnet

  64. While I thoroughly enjoy making Christmas presents, I carefully choose who will receive my homemade gifts so they go to those who will appreciate my time and effort.

  65. Congratulations, Ladies. You two make a great team! I have three sons, so I’m hoping to get a daughter-in-law who loves to quilt someday. :) I usually make the same small handmade gift each year for my 3 sisters. I’ve done gifts like key fobs, tablerunners and mosaic flower pots. Yikes, it’s already time to decide what it’s going to be this year!

  66. I try to make the majority of my Christmas gifts.. So far for this Christmas I have made 2 quilts, a wall quilt, table topper, and several mug rugs.I love sewing for the ones I love. Would love to win a magazine. Thank you for all the free patterns you so freely share with your readers.

  67. I try to make Christmas gifts but always run out of time. If I make them too early, I end up giving them before Christmas. Each year I say I will make all my Christmas gifts. Maybe this year! Debbie in WV

  68. How fun! I love giveaways, and I love great quilt magazines! I sometimes make some of my Christmas gifts, to give a personal touch, and to stretch the Christmas budget. This year, I’m hoping to finish several Christmas gifts.

  69. I have yet to make that style of quilt but I have a couple of jelly rolls just screaming to be used! Great job ladies. I do make X-mas gifts for the little ones and this year I have an idea for my sister-in-laws and my husband. My MIL died in August and I grabbed a few of her things and hope to make them something to remember her by. I’ve done memory bears before and want to do something a bit different. Thanks for the chance to win! shopgirl7232@yahoo(dot)com

  70. Yes, I love to make handmade Christmas gifts. Usually make something for the females in the family. Making dishtowels this year- with scalloped edge- FQshop tutorial. Thanks for chance at winning magazine!

  71. Congrats on the publication! I love the quilts BOTH of them and you make it sound so easy. I am making something hand made for my oldest daughter for Christmas, my 2nd ever queen size quilt & doing SID on my DSM. Just finished making Pig ear head bands for Peppa Pig halloween costumes for my 2 youngest grandbabies too. I would love a copy of the magazine please, I’d like to try my hand at your quilt(s).

  72. Hi! Hand made gifts are the best in my opinion. I already started some Christmas crafting and sewing with my girls. We need a lot of presents as we have large family :) I believe Christmas is going to be white and beautiful this year :)
    Wish you all a wonderful day!

  73. I love making handmade gifts at Vhristmas but it seems i always run out of time. I started early this year, so hopefully i will be set by December. Thanks for the giveaway!

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