We’re in Quiltmaker!! AND GIVEAWAY

Before too long you should be able to see the new issue of Quiltmaker magazine either at your local news stand or if you are subscriber, you’ll find it in your mailbox or tablet if you have an e-scription.


We have a quilt or should I say quilts featured in the issue….The issue features “buddy” quilts where two quilts can me made from the same pattern.


For our project we got four jelly rolls from Moda’s Chantilly line.  We divided out the fabrics selecting 16 different prints for one quilt and 16 for the other.  We pulled those same 16 prints from each of the jelly rolls.  Then we made 4 huge, identical trip around the world blocks.  We put the four blocks together and had an entire quilt top.  Then we did it all over again to make the second quilt.  The quilts are great throws finishing at 64 inches square.

If you do this with jelly rolls, this can be so fun.  You can see from ours that we pulled more reds and teals for one version and more of the greens and purples for the second version.  If working with a jelly roll that has two colors, you will see a more dramatic change between the quilts.

Kelli and I had lots of fun making these.  They weren’t hard to make and it feeds Kelli’s love of  pinning.  You can easily make the quilt from your scrap bin or stash.  You just need four width of fabric strips that are 2 1/2″ from 16 different prints to make one quilt.  If you’re using scraps you can easily throw in a fabric or two that you just want to use up.  It can hide among your pretty fabric in the quilt.

If you want it bigger than 64″ square…easy, just add a couple borders.

But back to the issue….There are a couple other fun things…Isn’t that pincushion adorable??  I checked out the construction and it’s easier than it looks!

Of course there is Bonnie Hunter’s Addicted to Scraps column too.


There are more fun quilting project inside but you’ll have to check those out yourself.

Quiltmaker was wonderful and sent along two copies for me to giveaway to two of our readers.  Would you like it to be you??  If so, just leave a comment here telling if you make hand made Christmas presents..this issue is loaded with several ideas.  We’ll pick two winners sometime next week.

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  1. CONGRATS for being published in Quiltmaker!
    I always make Christmas gifts, and this year will be no exception. I think I’m going to do the fabric ‘bowls’ for holding a ceramic bowl in the microwave. In previous years I have done crochet dish towel holders, zippered cosmetic bags, drawstring jewelry bags, quilted potholders, and baked potato bags, to name a few. These are just remembrance gifts but everyone seems to really enjoy receiving them.
    Your updates are always fun to read, and thanks for the chance to win!

  2. I like to make some handmade gifts, but having male gift receivers limits your choices. Trip for two could be a good choice on gifts this year. Thanks for the chance to win.

  3. I absolutely make Christmas gifts…have done so for years. It started way back when we were first married and couldn’t really afford gifts for everyone. The receipients seemed to love those handmade gifts, so even when we were better off and could afford to buy presents, I continued to make them. I think that giving a handmade gift is like giving a piece of your heart to someone–so much time and love goes into everything you make.

  4. Yes, i do make handmade Christmas gifts. Each year I have to rack my brain and the internet to find something to make for three sisters on my list.

  5. Yes I like making handmade gifts. I made a quilt for my youngest son last year and have one started for my middle son. I also love to make small English pieced stars to make ornaments to give as tokens to co-workers.

  6. Yes, some of my Christmas presents are handmade. I make Christmas ornaments from beads, fabric or a mix of media. I often make food gifts too.

  7. I like to give homemade gifts, often placemats. Congratulations for being in the Quiltmaker magazine! Thank you for this offer.

  8. I make most of my Christmas presents, mostly out of necessity than anything.
    I live in a small town that has limited shopping and so I try to find things I can make for grownups as well as children. Love your blog and watching the progress on your house.

  9. I’m trying to finish up a few quilts to give to my kids for Christmas this year. And I’m really considering making one for my aunt as well. Congrats on your publication!

  10. I usually make quite a few of our Christmas gifts. I have made ornaments for the whole family for almost 30 years. Thanks for the chance to win.

  11. I’m new to quilting and am eager to branch out in new directions! Would love to receive the magazine to spark some inspiration!

  12. I always make some hand made gifts. I use to always make gift bags, but now it’s pillowcases. Funny, goofy ones for adults and cute ones for the grandkids. I try to always make at least one quilt each christmas to give to someone. I usually can accomplish that. Thanks!

  13. Yes, I am always making gifts for the family, I made my granddaughers pillows. I am embroidery dish towels for my sons & wifes, working on potholders at the present time. I am on a limited income, so I try to do what I can for family & friends. I believe a handmade or machine made item is more personal than a bought item, and the receiver will appreciate it more.

  14. I make hand-made gifts all year round! I love to make clothes for the younger nieces and nephews; personalized mug rugs for friends; zippered pouches; tote bags…it’s all so much fun for me and I love to see the smiles! ** Congrats on being in the magazine with your beautiful quilts!

  15. Congratulations on another great quilt published in Quiltmaker magazine. I love your patterns, Jo. Yes, I make as many of my Christmas gifts as I can. I always have.

  16. It is so wonderful that you are getting your quilts published! Love seeing what is happening with your house. I do many of my Christmas gifts, usually something quilty.

  17. I am making salsa for my family. I am also making mug rugs for everyone on my list. I just want some homemade Christmas gifts to go along with a gift certificate either from WalMart or maybe Kohls. Just something different. I love your two quilts. A lot of work but every quilt you make is. I have enjoyed your free quilt patterns as well as recipes. Look forward every morning to see what is going on with you and your house, which is coming along very nicely. Thank you for the chance to become a winner of Quilltmaker’s Magazine. It is one that will be cherished forever and will be looked at over and over again.

    Sandi Timmons

  18. yes, I make cookies and candies for 2 solid days and divide them up for my close family :) I also made 2 Christmas quilts this year (finished in July for Moda Bake Shop), and at least one of them will be a Christmas gift :)

  19. Every year I make gifts for my family. Last year was hot bowls for the adults and pillowcases for the children. This year I am planning to make treasure bags for the children and towels, potato bags, and requested hot bowls for the adults.

  20. Occasionaly I hand make stuff then i get behind and get discouraged and end up buying stuff ….. i have so many boxes of stuff in storage that was once supposed to be some gift …. last year i did great and made eveyone hot chocolate mix it was last minute but it turned out great

  21. I have made gifts for Christmas, but not sure if I will this year or not. Enjoy reading your blog and thanks for the free patterns.

  22. Checked with Barnes and Noble on Saturday, new issue is not out yet. I will have to keep checking. Really love the Quiltmaker magazine. Looks like this would be a fun quilt to make. Keep up the good work.

  23. I usually make all Christmas gifts, first I have a very large stash of material, and second It’s something I’m creating with my skills that I believe are God-given.

  24. I need to get started on making gifts for my family, Xmas will be here soon. I cannot shop in stores, due to my limited income, so I need to make gifts for everyone. This Quiltmaker magazine will help me to get started. Many stores in my area, do not have Quilting magazines. Thanks for having this giveaway, I would love to win,

  25. Congrats to you both for QM. Great Mag. Love it.
    I don’t really need QM for me as I already have a subscription however I am teaching the next generation..(daughter) to quilt. She was able to make her first quilt ever this summer. I’d like to pass it on to her.
    I make quilts for each of the grandkids, nieces, and their children. I rotate each year at Xmas as to which ones get a new one. The little ones get stuffed animals. Always fun to find new or interesting patterns. Thank you for all your wonderful shared patterns. I always enjoy your posts on quilts and your beautiful house in progress.Thanks for all your sharing.

  26. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Your buddy quilts! I always make Christmas presents for my loved one’s…my mother-in-law has received a new quilt for Christmas for the past five years! I love your posts concerning the house as well. Thank you for sharing your personal experiences with us.

  27. Gwynette in NW Arkansas

    I always make hand made Christmas gifts!!!! Pillow cases, totes, ornaments, small quilts, jams and jellies. I try to avoid the Christmas chaos in the stores. Congrats on being in Quiltmaker!!!!

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