Welcome to my Week….

This is the scene at our house Friday morning….two very sad children.
Why are they sad you might ask?  No school….AGAIN!  Our kids haven’t had a full day of school all week.  In fact, they have only had two half days of school.  Although they are 14 and 17…they still pick on each other.  They still can’t touch each other and they still can push my buttons. 

I am afraid that this will be the same scene that will await me tomorrow when their large group speech competition is cancelled.  No, I don’t know it will cancelled…I am just assuming so, as we are again, scheduled to get freezing rain.  I really shouldn’t complain as we still have heat and we still have power….I can’t imagine what the kids will be like if we loose power.  Me, I would just cut out a quilt.  I am used to working at home in a quiet house all day…just me and Gracie (our beagle).  Between being gone to California, the weather and the college kids being home, I still haven’t had a normal work day since before Christmas….

 Hopefully next week holds more promise in the weather department.

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