Weighing out Food

A post from Kelli–

A few weeks ago, I decided that I wanted to lose some weight.  I’ve done Atkins before and was successful, but looking back on it, it wasn’t something that I could continue long-term.  I lost weight on it, but it seems as though as soon as I quit doing it, the weight all came back plus a bit over about 2 or 3 weeks.

I was talking to mom a few days later and she recommended getting a FitBit because it not only monitored your exercise, but you could input your food and drinks into it to monitor your intake as well.  After I looked into it a bit more, I found out that it would also let you set a weight loss goal and then tell you how many calories you could eat each day in order to lose a certain amount of weight by a certain date.

I also knew that I didn’t want to jump on some fad diet bandwagon.  I have had way too many friends who have done that and then ended up gaining back as much, if not more, weight after they quit taking the “magic pill” or eating the “secret food.”  I wanted something that would be helpful long term and wouldn’t cut out entire food groups.

I decided that since I had spend $50.00 on worse things, I would just go ahead and order a basic fit bit and see what happened.

It has been wonderful.  I love the way that it is set up because it allows me to eat whatever I want as long as it is within my ranges.  I also have my account set so that I get a certain amount of calories per day (around 900) and then to earn more calories, I have to exercise.  Just the other day, I went on a long walk and had earned some extra calories that I could eat.  I decided to treat myself to some wonderful eskimo kisses ice cream.  The best part?  It fit right in!

The best part is that it has taught me about measuring food and realizing how much a serving really is–I have been wrong for a long time in most cases!  One of the best things that I have bought is a food scale.  When I was shopping for one, I didn’t want one that stuck out like a sore thumb and I wanted it to have a bit of a “dish” aspect to it, so food wouldn’t fall off of the edges.  After a trip to walmart, this is what I found–Scale (218x400)

I love the fact that it has a bit of antique styling to it, and it fits in my kitchen wonderfully.

Overall, my plan has been working great.  I’m on track to meet my goals and the best part is that I feel sooooo much better.  I have pretty much cut Diet Mountain Dew out of my diet completely (I’d regularly have 4-6 before) and don’t crave snacks and chips like I used to.

It hasn’t been easy, but it definitely has been worth it!

6 thoughts on “Weighing out Food”

  1. Best motto is “Eat good food and less of it. We try hard to not eat processed foods. Simple vegetables, potatoes, protein, grains and dairy are good for you. It is the enhanced sugar and salt filled processed food that is a killer.

    I gained 5 pounds on the wrong food I ate at retreat and have already dropped 3 of those pounds. Salt and sugar from unfamiliar and canned foods plus the burger and fries on the last evening did it. Back home to homemade granola with yoghurt, bake chicken and steamed veggies and a big spinach salad.

  2. So glad you have cut out the soda. There is no magical pill, just good choices every day. It takes time but you will lose weight if you are consistent. There are a lot of clean eating recipes on Pinterest that are fabulous and easy.

  3. Kelli, That’s awesome that you gave up Diet Dew. I’ve been trying to do that for a while. I make it about a month and then go back.

  4. Oh I did Atkins too, lost 30 gained it almost all back the second i went off. I am interested that you like the FitBit–I HAVE to get back on track now….thanks for the post…hugs, Julierose

  5. AWESOME! I started out w a pedometer, that was not waterproof and it was constantly getting washed, or dropped in puddles, or once in the ocean…. Expensive thing to keep replaceing.
    I started w a fitbit this yr and have enjoyed the ‘challenges’ I have for the work week, or W/E with frineds. U and your mom could do that.
    I started using a scale similar to yours w Weight Watchers (not a fad!) and yrs later I moved on to a $9.99 electronic scale from Aldi’s I like it better than my Wally mart scale, and I think it is more accurate. I can zero balance out a dish then serve myself whatever.
    We all find a way. good luck to you and your mom on this Wt loss journey.

  6. Good for you! I need to get back at it myself. I usually do Weight Watchers but have a tough time keeping it off. One thing I’d mention is that 900 calories is too low. If you find you aren’t losing like you’d think you should be losing, up the calories to 1200-1500. One thing I did learn at Weight Watchers is you need to eat to lose. Any diet under about 1200 calories, your body thinks it’s starving and wants to hold on to weight. Just thought I’d mention. I found that out the hard way with many a plateau and not losing. Good luck on this journey. I need to find my happy place with weight loss and keep it off!!

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