We had a busy weekend.

Friday night Kalissa came and finished the last half hour of childcare so Hubby and I could take off and go to a reunion in Minnesota.

Most of the people in the picture are “tribe” members.  AKA the people Hubby hung out with in his 20’s before we married.

They’ve gotten together a couple times in the past.  Some see each other more than others as three of Hubby’s nephews are in the bunch.  It was a fun time.  I got to catch up with a couple of the guys that I knew before I met Hubby.  It’s because of them that I ever was at the party that Hubby was at when we met.

It was a late night by the time we got home and I settled into bed.

The next morning I was up early trying to get a few things done before auction day!!  This was the day of the sale for our daughter Kelli’s grandfather in-law’s goods.

There were MANY at the sale.  I bought a few things that I plan to resell at the antique booth in Harmony….mostly road signs.  Kelli will tell you more about the auction in an upcoming blog post.  I’m sure she’ll leave out the part that she got terribly sunburned.  I left at noonish.  I was getting over heated and wasn’t feeling well even though I had drank lots of water.  I was pooped most of the day and ended up with a terrible headache.

That night Hubby helped me make three batches of Puppy Chow ( or Muddy Buddies) for a retirement party that was on Sunday that we were planning to attend.

Sunday morning I was up early.  Kalissa and Craig had a Sunday Brunch party planned for Carver’s second birthday.  Yep..our little guy Carver is two.

I offered to make homemade cinnamon rolls (If you follow the link for the recipe, I made a 4 cup of water batch) for the party so was up early to get the baking done.  I made a batch of blueberry muffins too.

The weather was warm but nice for an outside brunch on their back patio.

We had to get birthday pictures taken….here’s Hubby and me and Carver.It’s hard to believe we’ve never not had him in our lives.

The VERY best surprise of the morning was Scotty….our other grandson.  Buck and Lora couldn’t make it up so Kayla drove to Cedar Rapids, picked up Scotty and brought him up for the party.  It was so special.  The two had a blast playing!!  I can’t thank her enough for bringing him.

We had to take a picture of us and the grandson’s….(yes Scotty is fine.  He is not choking on the balloon string.)  We tried and tried but we couldn’t get both boys to look at the camera.

The party broke up early in the afternoon.  Kayla needed to get home…Scotty too- and some of us were on to the next party.

This was a retirement party for one of the first responders.  The retiree is the guy front row second from the right next to Hubby.  He’s been on the crew since they started in the early 80’s.  Everyone has loved having him on the squad.  He’s been a great crew member encouraging new people when they start.  Kalissa said the he was wonderful to her.  He rarely missed a call.

So it was a day of celebration for us at the Kramer house.

As I’m writing this, it’s Sunday night and only just after 6pm and I’m pooped.  It was a long weekend but lots of fun….somehow I thought we are supposed to relax over the weekend and get powered up for the work week.  That didn’t happen this weekend for sure.  It was a good weekend though.  It’s going to be an early bedtime for me for sure!

3 thoughts on “Weekend”

  1. Happy Birthday to Carver! hard to believe the little man is two. How wonderful that Scotty got to come and play with him, our kids loved anything Tonka and with mud. I haven’t made puppy chow in ages, may have to consider doing some and making enough to send some to our kids. Looking forward to hearing about the auction.

  2. What a busy, party filled weekend!!!! Happy birthday Carver!!! Can’t believe he is already two!!! Your grandchildren are adorable Jo!!! I cannot wait to hear about the auction! My husband’s grandpa was a collector too but thankfully not on the same scale!!! Your cinnamon rolls are mouth watering!!!

  3. Such a warm family filled weekend yes the first responders are part of your family and congratulations on the news of the expected 2019 arrivals

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