Weekend Work at the House

Sunday was house work day.   We were all suppose to be at a family picnic but there is so much to do at the house and fall harvest is sneaking up on us.  Then Roger and I won’t be able to work there much at all so we need to work work when we can.   So much needs to be done and the kids were so good and helped.  It’s great when they grow up because no on even whined.

Hubby borrowed the skid loader from his boss.  He was able to quickly remove the old clothes lines.  The big problem was to remove the tree that’s there.  It’s hanging on the house and it’s really just a scrub so Hubby and Buck worked on that.


Later the cabinet maker from town came by and offered to help if he could have the wood.  That was great for us…less to haul away and help too.


There were some ugly over grown lilacs that Hubby scrubbed out too.

The people who own the lot next door, which we are in the process of buying, allowed us to take brush out between the two lots even though we don’t own it quite yet.  While grubbing those out, Hubby discovered a half buried old garage foundation.  He dug that out with the skid loader too.

While Buck and Hubby were working outside, Jen, Kelli, Karl and I were working upstairs.


The tile has to come out of the current upstairs bathroom.  We want to try to save the floor boards that are underneath so we can put them in the new bathrooms.  It was dusty job and carrying the broken up tile downstairs was muscle making work.

I eventually ended up outside raking the remains of the tree and have a nice big blister to show for my hard work.  I am sure it’s one of many that will come my way before we are moved in.

Kalissa got off work and showed up for the last part of the afternoon and helped.  It was great to have a little burst of energy as the rest of us were petering out.

The back yard looks much bigger now…but that’s okay.  It will be filling up soon.


We can say we had our first official meal at the house…take out pizza and watermelon…(the photo is bad but I can’t miss documenting the first meal)


With the kids around the table, it is already starting to feel like home.

5 thoughts on “Weekend Work at the House”

  1. Jo: Thanks for letting us in on on your house progression. I have been down this road and it brings back memories. Family projects (even moving into a new home) bonds everyone together. I have to say I agree with your changes to the house. Plan your sewing studio now because you do not want grow out of it in ten years.

    again, thanks!

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