Weekend Work at the House

Sunday Hubby and I opted to stay home.  We had been thinking out taking a trip to Gold Rush days in Oronoco, Minnesota.  It’s a great antiquing adventure….but we still have so many things that need attention here…mainly the lawn.  Our goal has been to have everything ready to be seeded down in September.

We have had four dump truck loads of dirt here needed to be moved around and put in place.


Before all that could be moved we needed to address the down spouts on the eaves.  We’ve talked about a lot of different things…collecting the water or draining it this way or that way.  We finally just decided that we’d go with French drains.  Hubby’s job was to make that happen.

Being the skid loader was here he managed it quite quickly.


Once that was done it was time to tackle those dirt piles.  We had the four loads of top soil brought in with the hope that we can fill in and level things out with an added bonus that with good top soil there the grass would grow better.  Where we are at the soil is pretty sandy.  That’s to be expected when we live so close to the river.

Craig was here “running” the shovel while Hubby ran the skid loader.


While Hubby was busy working the new neighbor came over and said that the tree on his property was hollow and he was wondering if we minded if he could but the tree down and drop it onto our property when he took it down.  We didn’t mind at all.  We just asked that it happened sooner rather than later when we already had seeded the grass.

About two minutes later the neighbor had a chain saw and said how about now?

The fear was that the tree was actually leaning a bit to the south and the tree would fall that way.  To remedy that they cut the notch to the north.  Then Hubby took the skid loader and put pressure on the tree so that it would fall to the north.


Two minutes later the tree was down.  I didn’t even have time to get nervous about it.


About 45 minutes after that the neighbor had all of the tree cleaned off our yard.

I didn’t get any more after pictures.  I had hungry guys that wanted a supper to eat so I was cooking.  There will be more pictures as we have more improvements to in the works for the outside.  Hubby did call and more top soil should be coming this week and a load of rock.

It was a busy Sunday with lots of things happening.  It ended the best way….sitting on the back patio with Craig and Kalissa enjoying the end of weekend.

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