Weekend with the Grands

I thought I was going to have Friday and Saturday with the grandkids home last weekend but the plans kind of changed. They were coming on Friday and we all were going to go rollerskating.

Then…Jasper, our daughter Kayla’s son, broke his collar bone when he fell down some stairs. Poor guy. He’s the first of the grandkids to break a bone. I’m sure there will be more. How Carver hasn’t broken a bone, is a pure miracle.

Then Buck’s kids started having cold-like symptoms with a temp…then Kelli’s kids started puking. UGH. By Thursday afternoon we called it all off. Kalissa’s kids were the only ones that weren’t sick. That is the opposite of normal.

Then Saturday morning rolled around. Buck’s kids were feeling good…Georgia was doing good and Kalissa’s kids were still good. So we all got together on Saturday…except for Kayla’s family and Jasper. Bumping down the road with a collarbone break is not good.

I thought I would share some pictures from our time together. Here is Gannon. He learned how to draw frogs. He wants to be an artist so bad. His tongue is sticking out because that’s how frogs catch flies you know.

I discovered that I would be in the hospital for the fireman’s breakfast. For years and years, I have been the person who organizes the ticket-taking and the raffle tickets. It takes an afternoon of printing, cutting, and organizing. Being I had extra people, I put Buck and Craig to work. For years it was me and my husband Kramer who sat at the door and took tickets. Then, it was me and Craig. This year, Kalissa is taking my place and will sit with Craig.

Many thanks to Craig and Buck for helping with this.

Lucy wanted to show off her barn set up…

These four, Lilly, Georgia, Lucy, and Scotty were busy figuring out how to make and use a catapult. I love the action picture on the left.

Kalissa had been to a bachelorette party. She got the heart-shaped glasses. Anders had to try them…and then Uncle Karl had to too.

Lilly and Georgia are a year and 27 days apart in age. Lilly is about a 1/2″ shorter but her arms are shorter by even more. They are playing together more and more.

That was all of the Saturday happenings. On Sunday they went rollerskating! The kids just love going. Here Buck is pushing Lilly in a car that has a steering handle for adults to push.

Kalissa ended up grabbing one of these to push Anders. She is so tall and the car is just short enough that she was getting a crick in her back. She ended up asking Carver to push Anders and he did. He was a great big brother. Also, it made him look cool because he didn’t need a walker for skating. He could use the car. HA!

Carver is getting good enough that he really doesn’t need a walker but still likes the security of one.

Lucy did really well…

So did Gannon and Scotty.

Georgia did okay but she got her mind stuck on candy…and her mean Grandma (me) said no candy until it was time to leave. Then she wanted to leave. As with many things with Georgia, it was a bit of a battle…but Grandma won.

She’s learning that Grandma wins more often than not. It’s all part of learning and I don’t mind being part of the learning process.

Eli and Emmett didn’t come. Kelli had to work and they still weren’t feeling 100%. Plus Georgie and them would have been too much for us.

It was all a good weekend. I’m happy we got a chance to be together before I get my radioactive iodine treatment and can’t be around them.

So…the weekend went from canceled to fun…and I loved that! Hopefully, the next time we go skating, Jasper can come too. Kayla loves to skate and I just know she’s hoping Jasper will learn too.

11 thoughts on “Weekend with the Grands”

  1. Poor Jasper! Hopefully it won’t be too long before he’s mended.
    You all look to have had a great time roller skating. Glad you got to spend time together, making some lovely memories.

  2. Jasper’s collar bone break looks painful – poor guy. I hope he heals fast. I’m glad you had so much fun with your grandkids. Prayers are with you during your hospital stay.

  3. Such fun! I love doing things like this with the grands!
    Hope Jasper heals quickly – poor little man!
    Love and praying continually for you!

  4. So fun and wonderful most of the cousins were together with you before they can’t be. Rollerskating looks so fun with those walkers. I sure would love to go rollerskating again, but don’t know of any place near enough. Hopefully Jasper will heal fast and be able to join on the next family fun. I always love seeing pictures of your family!

  5. Oh dear for Jasper. He seems like such a little man… Judging by my daughters experience with broken bones her collarbone healed more quickly than the dr. projected while the one so close to her ankle there was no walking peg included in the casting and took so much longer than anticipated by dr. So I am hoping this will mean Jaspers clavicle will heal quickly.
    With the future hospitalization having these wonderful memories to take with you there might be some great vicarious hugs to envelope you while you are an “untouchable” due to treatment.
    Hope you will be feeling the prayers your readers are sending on your behalf as well.

  6. Barbara Firesheets

    So sorry to hear about Jasper’s broken bone. Hope he heals quickly and can jump back in with all of his cousins. It was nice that you had a good weekend with the kids and grands before you have to isolate. It’s “good medicine.”

  7. That break looks brutal! Poor little man. So many are praying for you, Jo. I hope you feel it! I am glad for you to have had the family time. Hang in there!

  8. What a joy your family is! So sorry to hear about Jasper’s mishap. Those breaks are so painful. The skating looks so fun! It has been eons since I was even in a rink and I’ve never seen the cars and walkers. That is such a great idea! Karl’s pic made me laugh! He looks super groovy! LOL

  9. Karl does look “groovy” wearing those glasses! I have never seen the walkers or the cars for kids to learn how to roller-skate, what a blast. I haven’t skated in 30+ years but I would love to give it a whirl again. Maybe this winter with my own grown-up kids. So sorry to read of Jaspers broken collarbone, bummer for sure. Hope he is on the mend.

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