Weekend with the Family

Now that Jerry and I are spending time together, he’s gradually been meeting the family. Friday night it was Karl…Saturday was Kayla and Buck along with Buck’s kids. On Thursday Jerry and I are babysitting part of the day and it will be Kelli and her kids’ turn to meet Jerry. The poor guy…He’s a trooper though.

The Saturday car trip with the kids along was interesting…but Jerry didn’t say a thing. He’s really patient and I love that about him.

Sadly I didn’t do the best at grabbing pictures. I think I was too busy thinking that I wanted things to go smoothly with Jerry. I did get this on of me and Lilly.

Here’s our crew sitting on the porch waiting for all the kiddos to go potty before we went off hiking.

Kalissa caught this cute series of pictures of Anders…He is such a ham.

We love him dearly but he does make it hard to go places. Being 18 months old when you’re getting a mind of your own can be rough when it’s summer and you have to chase big brothers around.

I didn’t know how it would go with Jerry meeting the kids. It turns out is was Buck’s kids that did the interrogation. It was totally fine and actually pretty cute. Lucy wanted to know why I had a boyfriend. Of course, all of this was said in front of Jerry. I told her that Jerry makes me happy. She asked why…I said he makes me laugh a lot… The why questions went on a bit more and then the food came. WHEW.

It was cute and I’m happy we could talk about it in an open way.

From there we went hiking. Jerry and I are not good hiking material. I wore bad shoes and Jerry hasn’t been the kindest to his knees.

I have no idea how Kalissa could hike around with Anders on her back.

It was lovely to be outside…

From there we went across the road to Bass Farms and got ice cream. The kids enjoyed hanging out.

They have nice areas for the kids and it’s very kid friendly.

Lilly and Gannon wanted to post here by the butterfly. Gannon actually asked me to take his picture. If you remember, he’s the one who doesn’t like his picture taken.

It all ended and we were on our way home. THANKFULLY the car ride home was MUCH smoother.

Jerry stayed after Kalissa and the boys went home…It was the perfect amount of time for a little introduction but not too long that we couldn’t still enjoy some time together after the trip.

Happily we all made it home and lived to tell the story…All in all, a fun day!!

11 thoughts on “Weekend with the Family”

  1. Children’s version of the Spanish Inquisition! Jerry is patience personified! Lovely! Super photos again and the last one reminds me of my son. He’s 34 this year and he still catches flies when we go anywhere in a car – before we even go 2 miles!

  2. I feel for Jerry, talk about a “baptism of fire” haha! I love that children are just so innocent and come straight out with the questions. I wonder what Georgia will ask………haha! The place where you trekked looks pretty. I love this time of year with all the different shades of green.

  3. Oh my goodness! I missed the Jerry announcement so you could’ve knocked me over with a feather!! Congrats to both of you for meeting someone fun that you both enjoy! I am delighted for you of course, but to meet someone special later in life for anyone I believe is quite special! I’m so glad the kids (dogs and human) are all adapting and enjoying this melding of people! I’m delighted for you Jo!
    Laurie in Idaho

  4. I like the fact that Jerry is a maintenance man. It means he can help you keep up with your house and yard work! Best of all, he cares about you. Best Wishes!!

  5. and here I’ve been worrying about tornado activity in Iowa and wondering if you were affected. Jerry is better than a tornado. I’m happy for you!.

  6. Another fun and happy outing with the grands. Jerry does seem to be very patient and hopefully it is the real deal because your family is so important and you and Jerry seem to be so good for each other. Keep making each other laugh!

  7. I’m so happy for you. I think God works in mysterious ways when we least expect it. Praying for a healing miracle so you can enjoy many years together. I had medullary thyroid cancer in 2002. My disease is miniscule. Blessings. Enjoy you deserve it!!

  8. What a wonderful way for everyone to spend some time together and meet Jerry. The ice cream stop seems like a perfect ending for all. Welcome, Jerry

  9. Carolyn Sullivan

    I think it’s wonderful. I met my husband less than a yr after my first husband left me. It’s been 30 years!

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