Weekend Visitors

Karl was home this weekend and he brought his girlfriend Renee.  It was our first time to meet her.  I’m happy to report that she fit in wonderfully and was very pleasant.  Karl seemed happy and that is the best.

We had Betsy, Kalissa’s dog, and Renee brought her dog Hope with.  I didn’t know how it would go with Hope.  She’s blind in one eye and is deaf.  I didn’t know how she’d be in a place that she isn’t used to but she did really well and is an awesome dog.  On Sunday they took the dogs and went on a walk.


The Neighbor Girl was over and she made us French Toast with a little help from Karl.

Later on, Karl and Renee left.  That gave Neighbor Girl and I time to sew.  On her agenda was machine quilting.  She wanted to machine quilt the top she made while Connie was at my house sewing.

I gave her the white board and marker, along with a design idea and set her to practicing.


Here’s how she did.


Not bad for a first timer.

Once I got her set up on the machine she went a little crazy though.  She told me she changed her mind and wanted to do a different design instead.  I told her to do whatever she wanted.


Here’s her masterpiece.  She was a little disappointed that it isn’t actually done-done.


She tried to convince me that she wasn’t going to bind it but I told her nope.  She had to learn to bind.

Here she is showing off the backing fabric.  The fabric was scraps that a blog reader had sent.  Neighbor Girl pieced them together to make a big enough backing.  The charm squares for the top were also sent to us by a blog reader.  THANKS!!


I’m trying really hard to suggest resourceful things and thinking outside the box.  Piecing the backing was the perfect play for that.

As soon as the piece was off the machine she immediately asked if she could do another one.  I pointed out to her that she would need to sew another quilt top first.  She wasn’t too happy about that reply.  She loves the quilting machine…but isn’t she like all of us quilters.  We all think about our next projects before the first one is even finished.

I had a wonderful weekend-family and friends-with a little sewing in the mix.  What can beat that?….I hope you all had a wonderful weekend too!

9 thoughts on “Weekend Visitors”

  1. The neighbor girl’s quilt is so cute! I hope she uses it as a table topper or even a doll quilt! I hate to bind! Can you teach her to love to bind????

  2. Blessings on you for teaching neighbor girl about a lot of things. I know she must love coming to your house and experiencing all that. Future quilter in development I believe. BTW tell her binding is my FAVORITE part of the quilt experience…ha. It IS!

  3. So glad you had a nice weekend with family! The neighbor girl did a goo job on her quilt! Insisting she finish one project before starting another is good. We wouldn’t all have so many UFOs if we did that. Aside from quilting that is good training for life!

  4. Sounds like a perfect week end for everyone. Love the watermelon backing on her quilt, such a cute fabric. Happy Valentines day Jo.

  5. jo. Happy Valentine’s Day! love teaching kids to quilt …love teaching them what they can create and see the light come on and the energy flows…
    Bless you

  6. That quilt turned out so beautifully! Maybe she can learn to quilt without piecing – show her some whole cloth quilting, or maybe a center with borders only.

  7. Some of us are “piecers”, some of us are “quilters” Perhaps she is the “quilter” that we “piecers” can send our quilt tops to for quilting. We all have own little niche in this world of fabric.

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