Weekend Visitor

Over the weekend we had a visitor.  Barnaby….better known as Barns.

That’s Barns all decked out in his Christmas sweater.  He is HUGE.  He is a mastiff and boy oh boy is he a big boy.

Kelli went to pick something up off the floor and met Barns face to face.  Honestly, his head is as big as hers.  He’s well over 120 pounds and is supposed to put on more weight.

He has the most beautiful brindle coloring.  Best of all he is very-very gentle and well behaved.

Ruby was completely intimidated by him and stayed far away from  him.  Puppycat didn’t pay any attention to him at all.

A couple times during the night a toy or bone would be under the table and Barns (not knowing his own size) would go  under the table to get it.  The table would lift on one end and catch us all off guard.

Barns is great to have a visitor and I REALLY do like him but, I don’t think I’d like that big of dog in my house every day.

4 thoughts on “Weekend Visitor”

  1. Barns is adorable! I had a mastiff years ago, his name was Max and he was a gentle giant too. So sweet tempered and a real couch potato. He grew from an adorable 13 lb puppy to a 160 lb dog but you just get use to it. Enjoy your visitor while he is there!

  2. Our wonderful mastiff, Sarge, just passed away and he was much loved! 190 lbs of gentleness and love! Our grandchildren all were comfortable around him since this breed (English mastiff) are a quiet, unbouncy breed of dog with a kind and patient demeanor! After the holidays we will definitely adopt another rescued mastiff!

  3. My daughter has two of these sweeties! One is Raven, fawn and black, 200 lbs of love, and DeMon, brindle and only 120 lbs and still growing! They are great with my granddaughters, but their tails can be dangerous!!!

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