Weekend Update

I had a perfect weekend…a little shopping, a little thrifting, a little family, a little organizing, a little bit of grandkid time…a little dog time, and some stitching too!!

Friday evening Fiona, my foster dog, went to her new home. That left just Freddie with me and Rosie and Izzy. Freddie doesn’t have a home yet. Happily, he isn’t marking anymore so that will help him find a home. If you missed the introduction post or Freddie and Fiona, you can find it HERE. There are other fosters on the horizon…I’m not sure if one will end up with me, but maybe.

Saturday I headed to Minnesota. My great nephew was graduating from high school and a great niece too. I left early and had Kalissa on tap to let the dogs out. I, of course, stopped at the thrift store on the way. I got something there that I’ll tell you about in a bit.

I also stopped at The Stitchery Nook. I’ll write a blog post and tell you about that soon.

Here are my siblings and the in-laws that came. On the left is my sister-in-law Sandy with my brother, her husband, Jim…then me and my sister Judy. Across from Judy is her husband George. Then is my brothers Jay and Jule and Jule’s wife Wendy. Jay’s wife Steph was the only missing one.

We had a great time at the party. When we siblings get together, it’s always a good time.

Once I drove the 2 hours back home, I grabbed my thrift store goodies and came into the house. This is what I bought at the thrift store. It’s glass jars in a holder.

It was $10 but everything was 25% off.

I spiffed it up with some Restor-a-finish.

It came with things in the containers. I kept the buttons and got rid of the rest of the stuff.

My plan for this was to use it in my sewing room. I have lace and trims that needed a home. I ended up sorting them into the containers.

I am just THRILLED with how it looks and how everything turned out. The containers were the perfect size.

Then that evening I pulled out some cross stitch and worked on this piece. I outlined everything thinking I would do some fill-in stitching over the next couple of days as I was going to have grandkids coming and might be able to get in a few stitches over naptime.

Sunday my daughter Kelli’s kids were here. Georgie asked if we could call my daughter Kalissa and invite Carver and Gannon over. We did. They played outside and I did that fill in stitching.

After the boys left Georgie came in the house and got the horses out. A kind blog reader delivered a bunch of horses to my front porch. Georgie plays with them every time she comes.

Kelli’s kids left earlier than usual so I did some organizing in the sewing room.

Karl brought food from the food truck. It was a great weekend. I couldn’t have had a better one.

9 thoughts on “Weekend Update”

  1. Oh little girls and horses. My daughter had tons of little ponies – the kids built corrals all over the house and the ponies galloped along. such a fun memory.
    Speaking of memories I checked out your daughter’s etsy site. To my surprise I think one of vintage books she has was my 4th grade geography book. Dating myself – this was when history and geography were separate subjects. I’m feeling vintage lol.

  2. Hi Jo what a great weekend! So happy for you. Isn’t Georgia the one that used to be opposed to having her picture taken? What a cutie she is!

    1. It was Gannon that hated getting his picture taken. Now he’s okay with it. Kelli’s son Emmett is now the one who avoids pictures.

  3. Oh what a perfect weekend for you! So fun to find a good bargain – great find too, and then to have the grands. It just sounded like a good time and getting to be with your siblings too.

  4. Where did you find the cross stitch pattern you were working on in this blog?
    It would go great with the stitch alongside we have bern working on.
    Also I am looking for a cross stitch sewing machine pattern, any ideas where I can find one.
    Freddie looks like he belongs with your other two pups.

    Thanks for sharing your family, cross stitching, quilting and your foster dogs with us.

  5. I started back to doing some cross stitching after reading your blog and have enjoyed doing so for the past few years. Switch from quilting to cross stitch, back to quilting and even some crochet. Thanks for giving me the incentive to do so.

  6. Judith Fairchild

    Sounds like a good fun weekend. Glad you had a good one. Your thrift store find is a real winner.

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