Weekend Update

This is going to be short and sweet.

I don’t have grandkids this weekend. There is no chance they are coming.

My foster dog Freddie just left to go to his new home. He was a precious guy. I think he got the PERFECT HOME.

There are no foster dogs here.

Izzy and Rosie are sleepy.

I weeded the garden this morning.

I ate my third yellow cherry tomato of the year. I hope to eat 100s more.

It rained a tiny bit…we’re expecting more rain later and that means NO WATERING.

The bird feeders are full.

The house isn’t a disaster.

I’m going to SEW!! I have a whole blissful after to sew and sew and sew! It’s been a long time since I had a whole afternoon.

I thought about making myself get a nice big long post written for all of you to enjoy but instead, I decided…we’re all friends here. You all understand. A girl has to stop and do some self-care every now and then and I have the opportunity to do that with a quiet house, my chores mostly done, and no responsibilities in front of me. I’m off to sew.

In all seriousness…do take some time for self-care. It’s so important. Please take some time for yourself…schedule it if you need to or even make something short and sweet like this blog post so you can take care of yourself.

I’ll tell you on Monday what I got accomplished…Thanks for understanding…and it you want some more Jo’s Country Junction time, check out the Auction that is going on HERE…or hop over to Youtube and watch an episode of Sew with Jo. You can find that HERE.

Hope you’re having a great day!!

16 thoughts on “Weekend Update”

  1. Seriously! I’m so glad you nixed the long post in favor of sewing. Yay, for those special days that have no pressures or “shoulds” attached to them. I had a similar day today…… guess what I did? I Sewed Along With Jo. :-)

  2. Self-care is vital to wellbeing. There’s an added benefit of your sewing today as you’ll almost certainly share the results with many, many others and make them happy too. We love your sewing days

  3. Marsha from Kansas

    So glad you are getting some “me time”. Of course, we get it! We all do the same when we get free time, don’t we? Hit the road to the sewing space. Enjoy the day! I’m cutting out projects. I’m joining Lisa Bonjean’s Twilight sew along, making 8-inch blocks with 1-inch HST. I’m cheating a bit and making flying geese the Eleanor Burns method. I’m challenging myself to use my KS Troubles scraps which I have a lot. The challenge really will be background fabrics. I need to get my Fat Quarter Shop Bountiful charity quilt cut out. I’m quite a bit behind, Kimberly will be demonstrating the back in a couple of weeks. Also need to organize projects for another year of Dirty Dozen projects. Afraid I have a few carry overs from this year. I always leave a couple of ” charity quilts”, nonspecific, so hopefully I can coordinate some fabrics for the month’s chosen color. It all sounds fun, so I need to get going, too! Have a great weekend, Jo! Can’t wait to see what you will have to show us!

  4. Enjoy your time – you are so right that self-care is important!
    I was planning on some this week, but my plans got blown up – hoping for some sewing time SOON!!!!

  5. Jo, so happy you get this time to sew all afternoon. Can’t wait to see your post tomw to see what you got into!

  6. That is terrific —and I hope you were able to get all the sewing done you were hoping to do!! Yes- you definitely deserve to do exactly what you wanted to do!! Hope you were able to really enjoy!!

  7. Go, Jo! Hope you had a wonderful Sunday afternoon of stitching. Open-ended free time is a rarity and I’m glad you are making the most of it. See you on Monday.

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