Weekend Recap

I had a big day on Saturday.  Sadly I completely forgot to take picture of the highlights.  UGH.  I guess it proves I was so busy having a good time that thoughts of taking pictures and later blogging completely slipped my mind.

I started out early on Saturday morning with the end destination of Maquoketa, Iowa.  I was on a road trip to meet my blog reader Ila.  She was traveling this way from the Chicago area.  There was a class for her long arm being held and she she was attending.

I had a few places to stop before I got there…I stopped at two stores in the Amish community south of us.  I had plans to pick up fruit and rolls.

From there next up was the quilt shop in Manchester.  I remembered that they made the awesome paper pieced jewelry and I wanted to pick up a necklace for Ila.  She is always gifting me and the kids things so for once I wanted to gift her something nice.

Once I got to the quilt shop there were two ladies in line in front of me who were trying to finish the blocks their grandmother had made in the 40’s.  There were lots of decisions to me made so I waited a bit and ended up late to meet Ila but she’s a great lady and very forgiving.  More on the quilt shop later.  I did take some pictures while I was waiting.

Back in the truck and back on the roads to Maquoketa.

I had lunch and chatted with Ila.  I always have a good time with Ila.  She left me with a bag of scrap fabric.

We both had a good chuckle over the five truck/ambulance fabric.  She recently made a quilt with the fabric and purposely saved me the leftovers know that someone at my house would love it!  Funny thing is, I found the same fabric and had already bought some.  What can we say, great minds think alike.

From there I drove to Cedar Rapids.  My niece who has cancer lives there and I wanted to visit.  I’ve told you that she has a troop of kids.  The five range in age from 7-13.

I brought them the goodies that I picked up at the Amish…a crate of cherries and a crate of blueberries along with rolls.  Their youngest Matt was so cute.  He was eating blueberries the entire time I visited.

I stayed there longer than I should have and didn’t start the trek home until after 6pm.  With a stop for groceries and a stop at Wal-Mart I didn’t get home until late.  Thankfully Hubby was up and helped haul everything in.

The next morning I was up early and working.   I froze a crate of peaches.  I picked the kale, cucumbers and summer squash.  We had plans to go to friends for the afternoon and I needed food to take so I made my Zucchini Blueberry cake, cucumber salad and a kale bacon dish I make.  Between cooking, peaches and dishes that I had a long morning in the kitchen.

Then onto laundry, fresh sheets and clothes washed, we were ready to go for a visit.

Once home I wrote a blog posts and was off to bed.  The weekend flew by.  I’m hoping that the week floats by just as quickly….here it is only Tuesday and I’m already ready for another weekend…the days ahead are predicted to be hot-hot-hot.  I don’t take the childcare kids out for very long with heat…so that makes for some cabin fever…thankfully I have Friday off.

7 thoughts on “Weekend Recap”

  1. Busy but fun days. How do you freeze the peaches? I’ve only canned them and find the idea of freezing intriguing.

  2. Your energy overwhelms me! Sounds like you had a good time and enjoyed doing things you like so that makes it all fun. I love reading about all your activities.

  3. Jo – just wondering where the Amish community is that you visited. In case I want to make a road trip from La Crosse!

  4. Same weather prediction for here for the rest of the week. Not looking forward to it, but I guess I’ll be inside with the AC for most of it…let’s hope the AC doesn’t take the opportunity to up and die.

    I always have fun looking at your scraps. I even recognize a couple of those fabrics as being or having been in my stash.

  5. Tonya Reichard

    I was wondering if you would be able to share your Zucchini Blueberry cake recipe with us. I know this farm wife has enough zukes to share too!

  6. Looks like there is a lot of interest in your recipes. I have kale in my garden and only use it in soups and smoothies. I am very interested in your kale and bacon recipe.

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