Weekend Recap

Oh my…what a weekend!!

Last week Lora and Buck talked to me and asked if I’d like to take the kids for the weekend….well…YES, OF COURSE!!  I was so thrilled.  I had tried a few times to convince them to let me keep them overnight but it was hard for Lora to leave them…she kept telling me “Lucy it so little”.  Well, at nine months, it was decided that she was big enough.  Scotty had stayed over with me before so I wasn’t worried a stitch about him.

We had a good time but Lucy was terribly colicky as a tiny baby and still needs a bit of special attention, but I was completely up for that.  Rocking…yep.  I can do that.  Coo-ing and talking sweetly…yep.  I can do that.  We had a good time.

Caver came over to have some cousin time too.

The boys get along wonderfully.  Scotty turned 3 in July, Carver will be 2 in a couple weeks and Lucy will be one in December.  It’s a nice little bunch.  Having them reminds me of having our oldest three.  They were about that far apart in age.

So Saturday and Sunday were entirely kids days.  Sunday night Buck and Lora came for supper and then stayed overnight.  Monday they left a bit before noon.

Scotty is such a little “ham”.

I had a so much fun with them all.

I’m really hoping we can do this again and again!!

In the busyness of it all I missed the Block of the Month.  That will happen sometime here.  I missed a what I was working on blog post.  It’s all good though.  All of that can wait.  These kiddos can’t.

I’ll write more about my weekend in tonight’s post.

4 thoughts on “Weekend Recap”

  1. I got to see my grandma over the weekend, too! Some of my very best memories of my childhood were with my cousins and my grandparents. . .she turned 98 last month and still lives at home. I think I am going to have to live that long just to finish all of these UFOs!

  2. what a fun time you had with those sweet grandbabies! how nice that Buck and Laura could have some time alone, lucky for all of you.

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