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I’m finally taking a day off from work for ME!  I’ve been taking time off of work but it’s been for doctor appointments…no fun.  I’ve not had a day off for me to do whatever I wanted in a long time….so today is  my day.  I’ll show you some pictures and let you guess what I’m doing on my day off.

This is my dining room table.  Notice chairs for four.


This is my kitchen island….


This is my dining room/kitchen area.


..and this is my stove.retreat-4

Any guesses?

If you guessed a girls day…well actually a girls weekend at my house, you are RIGHT ON THE MONEY!!!

I am so excited.  Kelli is coming….my friend Connie is coming and my niece Jody is coming.  Everyone is arriving between noon and supper time today….me, I set this all up Thursday night and started sewing then.  We’re sewing today through Sunday with a break Saturday afternoon to go to Cedar Falls to the Gallagher Bluedorn where they are showing the play Dirty Dancing.

The plans all started way back in May.  I had gone to Kayla’s for the day (something I don’t do often enough) and I had a great time.  I promised myself that I would try to get out and do things a little more often.  Shortly after that a flyer came in the mail about the the play coming so I asked my girls if they wanted to go.  We opted to get five tickets with the plans that we’d take someone else with…well about August or so I remembered we had that extra ticket and we debated on what to do with it.  I asked the girls if they would mind if I invited Connie.  They all said they would love it if I would…so I asked Connie and she said YES!

Then Kayla started grad school and is going full time plus teaching.  She has lots of papers to write and a month or so ago she asked if I would be upset if she didn’t go….of course I wasn’t.  That left us with an open ticket.  I offered it to my niece, Jody.  She has five kids and was lamenting about life and motherhood so I said “come and get away”.  She checked with her family and they said they could hold down the house without her so she’s coming too.

I’m all ready for some girl talk and some fun.  I started doing some cooking yesterday and finally stopped after making a batch of taco meat and some muddy buddies.  I didn’t want to spend all my time cooking or it wouldn’t be fun either.  Kelli is bringing one meal and I have breakfast fixings.  Beyond that we’re going to just make due with whatever or order out.

Does that sound like heaven?

Watch Instagram…I’ll try to take a few pictures of our adventure.

22 thoughts on “Weekend Plans”

  1. What a fun idea! It has been a long time since I have done something like that. I might just have to plan one with friends. Enjoy your special girls weekend.

  2. Have fun!! Everyone needs a me time. You never know what tomorrow will bring. Today is my time away from daycare also as traveling around northeast Iowa putting up posters for our craft show to be held here in Postville with three special friends.

  3. It will be great fun. I’ll be in Cedar Falls for the UNI Football game. A girls weekend for me includes my sister, her daughter, her best friend, and my sister-in-law, we all quilt and enjoy the time together. It will be harder as the my niece is expecting twins in early December, so she will have 4 kids age 4 and under, I doubt she gets much done for awhile.

  4. Sounds like you are up for a fabulous weekend.
    Hope it is OK to ask, but what has happened to ‘neighbor girl’? last saw her mentioned in the Garage Sale. Hope she is OK.

    Cheerio from Rieann in Western Australia.

  5. Sounds like a great weekend ahead, Jo!! A great time, for sure….great company, great food, lots of laughter, all while sewing up something great….HAVE FUN!!

  6. Enjoy! What a great way to use your lovely home! I don’t have space for something like this. Now you don’t even have to decide what to take for retreat!

  7. Wonderful new Jo. You do deserve some retreat time with friends/family. The play is an inspiring addition. Have a great time.

  8. Jo, one of my friends came over for a sew day with me yesterday, and we spent 5 1/2 hours chatting and sewing at the kitchen table…the time FLEW by! Then today, another friend went with me to Joann’s to take advantage of their 50% off fall fabrics sale PLUS another 25% off at the end. We had a long lunch before coming home. It really does the soul good to spend time with girlfriends, doesn’t it?

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