Weekend Out with Family

Saturday we traveled to Minnesota.  Hubby’s aunt had passed away so it was a trip to Austin, Minnesota for us.  It’s always sad when anyone dies but it’s a little easier when they are 90 and are comfortable with passing away.

I snapped a few pictures when I was there.

Here’s one thing that I REALLY loved.  I thought several other of you might like it too.  Isn’t this the neatest idea?  I would really like to talk to the people at our church and see if it’s something I could do at our church.

The note reads, “If you or anyone you know needs a quilt please feel free to take this one.  No permission needed.”  Isn’t that neat?

We live a half hour from church and it makes it hard to volunteer and help but this is something I could definitely do.  I was impressed with whoever came up with this idea!

Anyway, the family had put together a nice display of photos from the family.  I love old photos of family.  There really aren’t many of them so I was surprised to see some that I hadn’t seen before.  I thought I might ask for a copy of them but then instead decided to try to take a photo of the photo with my camera.  Surprisingly it worked.

Hubby’s dad….The reason I love the picture so much is that this looks exactly the way he looked every day.  He was a bib overalls man for sure.  It was either this attire or his church clothes.


This is Hubby’s Aunt’s wedding picture.  Check out that dress and head piece.  That sure was a unique style that I’m glad passed before I married.


This is Hubby’s Grandma Kramer.  I’ve only ever seen one other picture of her.  Don’t you love the Christmas tree??  She must have gotten the coffee pot as a Christmas present.  It was so special to be able to see these pictures.


His Grandma, shown in the picture, is the wife of Kasjen John Kramer.  We named our son Kasjen John Kramer…that’s our son Buck’s real name…Kasjen.  It’s pronounced Kash-en.

Hubby isn’t close to his cousins at all.  I’ve only seen them a few times and we’ve been married 30 years.  It turns out that one of his aunt’s grandchildren named their child Kasjen too only they spelled it Kashen…easier to pronounce.  It was neat to see their little Kashen at a year old and know that our Kasjen was 26 years old.

I like the song and saying “all because two people fell in love” and this is one of those blog entries that really brings that to mind.  I do think that the saying should be updated a bit though…it might better be “all because two people fell in love and worked at staying in love”.

It was a sad reason to be away but a great ending to the day….

6 thoughts on “Weekend Out with Family”

  1. Jo, I’m sure you could do the quilt thing, if you wanted at church. My mom used to be in charge of the quilters guild that made mission quilts at church. But no one has done it now for over a year. The women who helped with it are all getting older, and they don’t like going out anymore. Just mention what you would like to do to one of the council members, and they can bring it up at a church council meeting. What a nice idea!!

  2. If you notice, that quilt is tied. I think tying quilts is easier and less intimidating for some folks to do. Especially for a project like this: simple comfort quilts in baby or lap sizes.

  3. Jo, this is Deb again. I thought about your wanting to donate quilts for the needy a little more, and remembered that we used to have a parishoner that donated a new baby quilt to each newly baptized baby at their baptism in our church. Her name was Norma Kerr and she loved to do this for each new baby. She has moved away and no longer is a member. If that is something you would like to do, it would also be much appriciated, I’m sure.

  4. Very interesting and nice pictures. I’m curious why you don’t call your son Kasjen? I love unique names for kids. Thanks for sharing a bit of your history!

  5. I love the picture with the bib overalls. My dad favored the dark blue version (not the stripes). Of course the outfit was not complete without some heavy duty work boots that gave him the stinkiest feet in the world. Good memories! :>)

  6. I really enjoyed this trip down your memory lane. Even though I don’t know any of these people. There’s just something about special old memories that strikes a chord. I like what you said about working at staying in love. AGREED!

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