Weekend “House Work”

On Saturday we went in and worked on the house.  Kelli was home….Here she is taking screws out of the sheet rock in the back entry.


Karl was home too.  He was busy cleaning up some of the flooring upstairs that we want to keep.  I’m a little afraid if we keep putting everyone to work once they come home that no one will ever want to come home!?!?!


From my perspective, it’s been a little hard working at the house.  Hubby was so overwhelmed each time that  we went that he was so busy seeing everything that wasn’t done, that it was hard to see what to do.  This weekend we finally came up with a plan.   This week we are going to try to get this back entry way and the bathroom cleaned out with ceilings and walls left to the studs.  Then we are going to stack everything that we want to recycle in these two rooms.  Right now we have piles here and there and it’s just so unorganized.


We’re making progress.  It isn’t fast, but I’m very happy with how far we are.

2 thoughts on “Weekend “House Work””

  1. You are right on track with organization. Once you have everything organized, it is easy to see the progress and what remains to be done. You will be there in no time!

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