Weekend Garage Sale

Hubby and I love the Facebook For Sale groups from our area.  They are a great way to sell and buy things.  On Sunday Kalissa tagged me in a post to let me know about a garage sale.  It wasn’t all kids clothes and even looked like it might have some guy things.  So when Hubby got off work and came home I told him about it.  He decided to go and asked if I wanted to go.

UGH.  I needed to sew on the wedding quilt but darn it I needed some Hubby time too…and some out of the house time.  With working from home the out of the house time can be necessary to keep me happy….so I gave in and went.  I am so glad I did.

We ended up buying this….It’s a really neat old trunk of some sort.  The owner thought it might be a railroad trunk.  It’s actually in much better shape than the picture shows.


It’s extra deep and narrow compared to most trunks.


The handles on the sides are really neat.  The wood is the perfect kind of worn and primitive.


The sides are so neat with the metal edging.  I love the old wheels and the strongly reinforced base.  It’s a gem…in the rough.

I think giving this a good wash is all we’ll do to it.  We love it as is…worn and primitive.  As for where it’s going to go…we don’t know yet.  We keep thinking that we’ll do primitive antiques in the basement once we get it finished but that’s not in the near future plans.

I also picked up an old double boiler.  It needs washing up but is in the perfect condition for what I wanted.

This is destine to go upstairs and be my string box for the sewing room.  I have a good spot for it.

I bought some childcare things…a doll, a doll stroller, coloring books, a couple spare childcare sweatshirts for the kiddos…Hubby bought a saw, an old yoke and few other things too.  We ended up doing really well spending $78.  I know my wash tub was $5 and the black trunk I think was $40 after some bargaining happened.

It was all in all a fun adventure and beat standing at an auction all day.  Hubby and I are junk junkies so this was a great fix.

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  1. Love you finds. Could you please share how you store your scraps. I’m at that point in organizing my sewing room. Someone told me she uses shoe boxes but I’m thinking that is not big enough. Thanks!!

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